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Barney and Friends

PBS (ended 2009)


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  • This dinosaur needs to be extinct

    Whether we want to admit it or not, as children we all saw Barney the Dinosaur. The show was about a group of kids who are taught by a dinosaur about respect, manners, and other essentials of life to kids. For me though this dinosaur is just downright creepy, even when I was a kid. That voice and the smile he constantly has gives me the chills and I am sure it has given kids nightmares. Also the show teaches the stupidest things like strangers are friends we don't know. Last time I checked we learned to never talk to strangers or if they do talk to us just run away from them to your parent. Also why is everything that is sad usually resolved by singing happily. I hate to tell you this Barney but it doesn't work like that at all. Not everything can be resolved by singing at all. Imagine if Barney was at the sinking of the Titanic and he tried to cheer everyone up with a happy song. The survivors would just chuck him overboard into the water. The show also seems to tell everyone that everyone in the world is happy and no one is a jerk at all. Way to go Barney. Just wait until the kids get a dose of reality and see what the world is really like. I would love to see Barney explain that to the kids. There were some educational values to it like not cheating, respect for others, and so on. So at least this show has some educational effort, but most of the show lacks it most of the time. I also have to ask one thing. Where is the teacher of the school? I don't think the teacher ever makes an appearance on this show at all. Is he/she on permanent vacation? Are dinosaurs the teachers in this universe? My brain is melting over how stupid this show is. While this show does have little educational value to it, there is virtually no redeeming qualities to Barney at all. To think that this show has been on for 19 years as well. This dinosaur has long prolonged the inevitable and should have been extinct long ago. If you are a parent keep your kids away from this dinosaur, he is creepy and scares kids.
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