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PBS (ended 2009)


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  • Barney and Friends is a very entertaining show.

    Barney the Dinosaur is a great Character for any Children show. This show has an excellent Education value. I used to be scared of him for a while (not when i was a kid). But now I'm not. However, this show has some minor flaws. 1 How come Barney is in a toy doll style? Why would they not do the same for BJ and Baby Bop. Or the other way around. Which that is Barney would come out from somewhere. Besides How come we don't see Barney turn back into a Doll? I always wonder what would it look like when Barney turns back into a doll. 2 How come the original show was called Barney and the Backyard gang? Why did they have to turn the original show into a more modified show? Did they think that the original show was boring? It's Pointless to turn from one show into the next. It's just the same thing. (With minor differences) 3 Excessive Musical Scores. Why do they have to have at least 5 songs in each Episode? I have nothing against its musical scores. But it's way too much to have. Half of the songs don't even relate to the lesson. There should be only 5 songs. No more than that. Overall this show is very fun to watch. Yea I know a lot of people say this show sucks. But it's very good. 76/100 (I've would have ranked this show a 80/100 if Barney was not scary.)
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