Barney and Friends - Season 10

Sunday 10:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 06, 1992 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Welcome, Cousin Riff: Special Skills
    Barney springs a welcome surprise on BJ and Baby Bop---their cousin Riff is moving to town. Also: Barney encourages the shy Riff to join BJ and Baby Bop in a special show.
  • Airplanes; Boats
    Airplanes; Boats
    Episode 2
    Riff takes apart B.J.'s new toy airplane to see how it works; Baby Bop shows an interest in boats, so Barney shows her some vessels on a computer.
  • Butterflies; Bugs
    Butterflies; Bugs
    Episode 3
    Barney and pals help Baby Bop search for her pet caterpillar, Monty, who has disappeared. Also: Riff, who doesn't want to be around bugs, is less than thrilled when BJ turns the caboose into a bug zoo.
  • Shapes; Colors
    Shapes; Colors
    Episode 4
    The gang goes to a shapes carnival, but Riff thinks he won't be able to play any games after he loses is lucky medal. Elsewhere, Baby Bop sees a rainbow, but it disappears before she can show her friends. So Barney and the others paint a new rainbow.
  • Seeing; Hearing
    Seeing; Hearing
    Episode 5
    The gang plays hide-and-seek and Baby Bop says that an elephant is hiding in the park; B.J. and Riff try to see who can make the louder sound.
  • Glad to Be Me; Arts
    Baby Bop feels left out when Barney's friends pay close attention to Riff; the gang goes to an art festival.
  • Movement; BJ's Snack Attack
    B.J. and Baby Bop help Barney prepare for a footrace by showing him how to stretch his muscles. Also: B.J. feels sick after eating too many sweets, so he takes a nap, only to dream of eating more sweets.
  • Counting; Letters
    Counting; Letters
    Episode 8
    Barney teaches Baby Bop to count after B.J. and Riff find a treasure map that requires math skills to find the prize; the gang makes posters to advertise a music concert at a park.
  • Pets; Vets
    Pets; Vets
    Episode 9
    B.J. offers to take care of a pal's dog, but he needs help from his friends when the canine disappears; Barney and Riff pretend to be veterinarians to help Baby Bop when her teddy bear is damaged.
  • Winter; Summer
    Winter; Summer
    Episode 10
    Baby Bop learns about fun things to do in winter, and she expectantly waits for the first snowfall; B.J. discovers fun things to do in the summertime, including relaxing activities.
  • Caring & Rhythm
    Caring & Rhythm
    Episode 11
    The gang celebrates Barney's birthday, but Riff worries that his friend won't like the handmade gift he gave him; Baby Bop's friends teach her about rhythm after she joins a marching band.
  • Playing Games; Fun with Reading
    Barney and Riff help Baby Bop understand the importance of following rules when playing games; B.J. injures his foot and can't play outside, so Barney suggests that he read to help pass the time.
  • Making Mistakes; Separation
    B.J. flubs a paint job on a caboose, so Barney shows him that everyone makes mistakes from time to time; Barney teaches Baby Bop how to deal with separation anxiety when she misses B.J. and Riff, who are on a camping trip.
  • Days of the Week; Sharing
    Barney teaches his friends about the days of the week to help pass the time as they wait for a petting zoo to arrive in town. Also: Riff and Baby Bop hold a sale in the park to raise money for a new scooter for B.J. after Riff wrecks his pal's old one.moreless
  • Rabbits; Ducks and Fish
    B.J. plays detective to find who or what has been nibbling on Baby Bop's snacks; Barney and Riff take care of a nest of duck eggs.
  • Mother Goose; Fairy Tales
    Mother Goose characters ask B.J. for help in finding parts of their rhymes, and Mother Goose arrives to lend a hand. Also: Baby Bop listens to a fairy tale while she waits to get a present.
  • Things I Can Do; Differences
    Baby Bop, unhappy with her own talents, wants to play the keyboard like Riff and be able to skate like Barney. Also: Barney steps in when a wheelchair-bound child is ignored by his friends.
  • Singing; Dancing
    Singing; Dancing
    Episode 18
    Barney tells Baby Bop a fairy tale about a princess who can't find a song to sing, and Baby Bop imagines herself as the princess. Also: Barney helps a boy learn to dance.
  • Neighborhood; Careers
    Riff loses his drumsticks, but he's sure he left them in one of the neighborhoods he visited, so Barney helps him remember those places. Also: Baby Bop tries to decide what profession she will have as an adult.
  • China; Kenya
    China; Kenya
    Episode 20
    B.J. awaits a visit from a pen pal in China, so his friends help him prepare for the guest. Also: A dance troupe performs a show featuring African music and dance routines.