Barney and Friends - Season 11

Sunday 10:00 AM on PBS Premiered Apr 06, 1992 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Pistachio; Full Team Ahead
    Barney runs into trouble when he can't stop eating pistachios. BJ needs to decide if he wants Riff, who isn't good at sports, on his baseball team.
  • The Magic Words; Litterbot
    Baby Bop finds out that the magic words to being polite are please and thank you. Riff tries to find an easy way to pick up the litter, but the robot that he builds doesn't work as planned.
  • Bop 'til You Drop; The Sleepless Sleepover
    Barney steps in when Baby Bop gets a little too pushy and bossy with her friends. Melanie can't sleep on her first overnight campout.
  • Little Red Rockin' Hood; The Whole Truth
    Barney tells Baby Bop the story of "Little Red Rockin' Hood" in a way she's never heard before. BJ takes credit for a portrait of Barney that he didn't paint.
  • The Wind and the Sun; The Nature of Things
    After Baby Bop set up her lemonade stand, BJ decides he wants to fly his kite right there. Rachel throws her garbage on the ground in the park and finds out why it's important not to litter.
  • The New Kid; Grandpa's Visit
    Riff makes a new friend and BJ gets jealous. Ryan's grandfather is visiting so he can't go to the movies, but he doesn't stay sad for long.
  • You've Got to Have Art
    The school is decorated with the kids artwork, and Baby Bop isn't feeling so hot so BJ cheers her up.
  • Barney's Big Garden; Listen!
    Everyone is busy working in the garden when Baby Bop decides she wants everyone to play. Riff hears something in the park and tries to figure out what it is.
  • Lost and Found; Pot Full of Sunshine
    It's up to the gang to find the circus tickets that BJ lost. A flower that Baby Bop has been trying to get to grow, dies when it gets too cold out one morning and Baby Bop is upset.
  • Trail Toss Barney; Get Happy!
    Barney teaches everyone about teamwork as they visit a ranch. The kids try to cheer up a girl they meet in the park.
  • For the Fun of It; Starlight, Star Bright
    BJ tries to keep up with Terry on the basketball court, but can't keep up. Baby Bop seeing a falling star while camping with Barney and the gang in the park, and sets off to put it back in the sky.
  • Big as Barney; No, No, No
    Ryan finds out what is special about himself, after he tries to be like Barney. Everyone keeps telling Baby Bop no, and she gets mad.
  • The Emperor's Contest; Beethoven's Hear
    Ryan thinks about cheating during a fishing contest. The gang learns that being deaf is not a disability when it came to Beethoven.
  • Full Team Ahead
    Full Team Ahead
    Episode 14
  • Riff's Musical Zoo
    Riff's Musical Zoo
    Episode 15
  • The Blame Game
    The Blame Game
    Episode 16
  • Barney's Big Garden
    Barney's Big Garden
    Episode 17
  • Guess Who?
    Guess Who?
    Episode 18
  • The Magic Caboose
    The Magic Caboose
    Episode 19
  • Best in Show
    Best in Show
    Episode 20