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Barney Miller
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Captain Barney Miller and his officers fight crime in this humorous classic TV series. Captain Barney Miller is the consummate boss, earning the loyalty of the officers under him. The early shows featured scenes from Barney's home life, but it was soon put on the back burner to emphasize the characters with whom he interacted at the twelfth precinct. Detective Ron Harris would rather be an author, and even publishes a book about the precinct that isn't exactly flying off the shelves. Nick Yemana is a Japanese American cop from Omaha who is so low key he's almost napping. Wojciehowicz, or Wojo, is the innocent of the group who doesn't seem very bright but speaks for everyone with his simple statements of truth. Dietrich is the intellectual who could be doing anything for a living, but chooses to be a detective. Fish is the seen-it-all veteran who can't wait for retirement, even though that would mean more time with his wife, Bernice. All of them worked together to make one of the funniest sitcoms ever on the air.moreless


  • R.I.P.

    Actor Abe Vigoda Dies at 94

    The Barney Miller star passed away from natural causes.


    Justified Locks Up a Return Date

    Plus: A Barney Miller vet passes away, Sarah Palin may get a second term, and the magic word is: "Pee-wee Herman!!!"

  • James Gregory

    James Gregory

    Inspector Frank Luger

    George Murdock

    George Murdock

    Lt. Scanlon

    Gregory Sierra

    Gregory Sierra

    Det Chano Amangual

    Barbara Barrie

    Barbara Barrie

    Elizabeth Miller

    Abe Vigoda

    Abe Vigoda

    Det. Sgt. Phil Fish

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