Barney Miller

Season 2 Episode 18

Block Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Harris is trying to think of a human interest story for the police newsletter, but there are 'no interesting humans' in the precinct. Both Wojo and Wentworth are late because they were together the night before. Chano finds out he and Wentworth are going to provide undercover crowd security for a block party held by a union head. Wojo comes in and says the subway was stuck. Everyone knows it's not true. Wentworth then comes in using the same excuse. She says good morning to everyone but Wojo, when he asks why, she said she already did. Fish says that he feels that the day will be one of those, as he has a call from a laundromat about someone washing the clothes they were wearing and that he is nude. Nick says it won't be hard to find him, but Fish says, 'You never know, in this neighborhood.' Barney tells Wojo and Wentworth that their romance can not affect their job. When Barney tells Wentworth of her assignment, Wojo wonders why. A Mr. Burgess is asking Chano for a permit for carrying a gun. He tells Burgess he needs to be carrying a lot of money, but he isn't. Wojo tells Wentworth that they should cool it for lunch, but it is still on for later that night. Chano tries to discourage Burgess from applying for a permit, but Burgess says he has been robbed before, so Chano gives him the application. Then he asks Wentworth if she dances. She says she does it all, but Wojo looks upset. Harris asks Barney about an idea for his article, but it is well over Barney's head. Fish brings in the man from the laundromat, a Mr. Hurley, who says he feels uncomfortable wearing clothes. He's wearing Fish's coat. Harris brings Barney his column, which Wojo thinks is about him and Wentworth. He gets upset over getting into his business. Barney tells him to change the column; he says he always wanted to do a piece on censorship. A call comes in from Chano saying that the union head got shot at and Wentworth broke it up. As the other detectives try to get more information, Harris changes his story to the psychology of assassination. When Hurley's bail ticket comes up, Fish has him put his clothes on in the restroom. Wentworth and Chano come back and tell how she broke up the assassination attempt, but she's upset how two officers from Manhattan South took the collar from her. Barney tells her to calm down. Wojo gets upset also. Barney tells her not to feel upset but she doesn't buy it. Hurley comes out dressed and Fish leads him out. Burgess comes back with the application filled out. Chano tells him he would take every gun and throw them in the river. Burgess asks him how long it will take, Chano tells him he doesn't know, Burgess asks what he should do in the meantime and Chano tells them to just give them his stuff. Fish tells Bernice that he wasn't at the shooting. Wentworth fills out a report on the incident and tells Wojo she can't be with him tonight. Lt. Scanlon from Manhattan South comes in. He remembers Chano but not Wentworth. Barney tells Scanlon Wentworth deserves a commendation but he is not budging. Harris reads a story he has written about the incident giving her credit. Scanlon says it was his detail and the official record does not reflect his story. Barney calls it freedom of the press. Scanlon calls it extortion. He then says 'Wedgeworth' gets a mention, but Barney insists a commendation. Scanlon agrees and offers her dinner. She says she doesn't fool around. He tells Harris someday his way with words will get him in trouble; Harris says it is the story of his life. Wentworth thanks him and he says he fights injustice wherever he finds it. Chano tells Barney he will be impossible to live with. Wojo tells her they should celebrate. She asks where they should go but he tries to shush her. She wants to know why he's embarrassed but he denies it. Then she tells the squad they are going to have a few drinks and maybe fool around and if they are late, they'll be late. Wojo then says they'll be on time and she agrees and they leave. Barney says being out in the open is the way it should be. Fish remembers that he kept his relationship with Bernice a secret after they first met. Chano asks how long he did that and he say, 'Oh, till about three years ago.'

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