Barney Miller

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1977 on ABC



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    • Mr. Hubbard: What good would it do for an undertaker to have second thoughts?
      Det. Dietrich: (chuckles) That's funny.
      Mr. Hubbard: What's funny about that? We're just as human as any of you are!
      Det. Harris: Look, take it easy, Mr. Hubbard. It's just a strange emotional reaction that people have to the sort of work you do.
      Mr. Hubbard: What about the sort of work we do? You need people to do the sort of work we do.
      Det. Harris: Mr. Hubbard...
      Mr. Hubbard: If it weren't for us you'd be up to your ears in the departed.

    • Wojo: You know what I like to do, Fish? I like going to the zoo. I mean, there's so much life around a zoo! Really. There's baby animals, there's people laughting, joking, talking. Just living, you know what I mean?
      Fish: I took the kids there.
      Wojo: Oh yea? It's a great place for kids! Those big turtles there. Now, those are my favorites.
      Fish: Tortoises.
      Wojo: Yeah. The big suckers. They live longer than anything.
      Fish: We saw one that was 260 years old.
      Wojo: I told you!
      Fish: Died the day we were there.

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