Barney Miller

Season 2 Episode 17

Fear of Flying

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fish comes in upset that Bernice is upset over his suggestion that they take separate vacations, because she now thinks he wants to have an affair. Barney thinks he is too old for that but Harris says that everyone does it nowadays. Wojo comes in upset because he has to accompany a felon to Cleveland. The felon is a Frederick Clooney, a bigamist with a wife in Cleveland and one in New York. Wojo has to accompany Clooney as he is working with the DA's office for the week. Clooney uses the excuse that he is a Gemini, and he wants to have pairs of everything. Wojo is upset he has to go with Clooney. Later, a Mr. Woolen comes up to the squad room with a Manila envelope containing $3500. He turns it in and the detectives are surprised at his honesty; Harris tells him if he wants to run for president, he has Harris' vote. Wojo tells Barney that the reason he doesn't want to go to Cleveland is that he is not a fan of flying. Barney offers to have someone else go, but Wojo says the tickets are in his name. Barney says he has to have faith in the law of averages. After Woolen gets a receipt for the money, he is reluctant to leave, wondering if it was the right thing to do. Harris says it pays to look down, saying there's no telling what one could pick up in the streets; Clooney says that is how he met his second wife. Yemana gives Wojo a dollar to buy flight insurance and to make him the beneficiary, saying that he's never won a longshot bet before. Bernice calls just as Fish is about to use the restroom. He argues about the separate vacation debate again before she hangs up. Chano says that he likes people who make quick decisions. Wojo asks Harris what is the best place to sit on a plane. He gives Wojo the book Fear of Flying to help him on the flight. Clooney's New York wife, Gloria comes in to say goodbye. She asks to use the restroom and is directed there; she goes in just as Fish is about to. When she comes out, Barney asks who she is. Gloria leaves and hands Fred an empty bottle of sleeping pills, saying she really means goodbye. Fred tells the detectives about the bottle and they all leave except for Fish, who gets in the restroom. Gloria is brought back up and Fred asks her why she did it. She says she wants to maintain some dignity. Barney tells Fish to find out what she took. She feels groggy so they make her walk around. Wojo calls emergency services. Fish find out the drug and tells Wojo; he's told by EMS that they have to make her throw up so Barney tells Yemana to give her some of his coffee. Gloria is walked around and in and out of the squad room. Fred is worried, telling Harris that he was going to tell both of his wives. Woollen comes back to ask if anyone claimed the money. Barney tells him he has his vote for mayor of New York; Harris says that he already promised him president. Gloria starts feeling sick while Woollen asks if they could put the money in the bank to draw interest; Barney says that would establish legal ownership and the real owners have not been established. He leaves, then comes back to ask if anyone has ever turned in that much money before. An ambulance pulls up and they take Gloria downstairs. Wojo has to leave to make his plane, and calls to find out the weather, which is sunny. Fred asks to stop to find out how Gloria is, or to call his other wife. Chano says the EMTs said Yemana's coffee saved her life and that Gloria will be okay, but the ambulance won't be. Bernice calls back, and Fish hangs up on her. Woollen comes back to ask to borrow the money and the detectives chase him out. When Wojo gets back, he is safe and sound. He gives Yemana back the dollar, telling him he did not buy flight insurance. Yemana tells him to keep it, saying it is bad luck. He tells Harris he liked the book, but that it was not about airplanes. Harris asks him if he felt scared on the flight. Wojo says he didn't think of it, and Harris says, 'Need I say more?' Wojo then tells Barney he got sick on the plane, and Barney tells him he has used the little bags many times, but Wojo asks, 'What little bags?'