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Please Review the Pinned Submission Guidelines

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    The pinned Submission Guidelines post I've authored is designed to be a help to all. It basically takes all the existing rules/guidelines that are scattered across the forums and help center and puts them in one place, with many other tips added by myself. It is filled with examples meant to aid you in submitting. In particular, there are large lists of the difference between Notes and Trivia, probably the most confused submissions at It tells you what is and isn't an Allusion. It tells you about adding episodes, and the requirements to do so. It tells you what is expected of you, and what you can expect from me. A few minutes spent now reviewing them may save a lot minutes of your time in the future.

    Remember... if I don't have to waste time telling you why I've rejected something—which means you wasted your time submitting it in the first place—we both win!

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