Barney Miller

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 1976 on ABC

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  • Mooshy Mooshy!! Wojo's latest girlfriend supplies the 12th with a 'gift' of hasish-laced brownies.

    THE funniest Barney...EVER! For a change the men of the 12h get to act a bit goofy,as they consume the laced brownies. Barney's 'deer caught in the headlights look gets used extensively as his men get high. Jack Soo steals the show again as Yemana :

    (perp is droning on about his problem..Nick is dunking brownies in the coffee)

    YEMANA: you know..when you dunk these its them make all nice and soft...and when you eat them it goes...mush...mush...moooshy....moooshy

    Needless to say this episode NEEDS to be seen to be hysterical as any shows episode...EVER...
  • A box of brownies makes for some wild times at the 12th precinct.

    Wojo brings in a box of brownies made by his new hippie-esque girl friend. Everyone in the room except Barney eagerly indulges, not knowing they contain hash. All of Barney's guys get stoned, resulting in some hilarious quotes and antics. I could list some of them here but actually seeing the facial expressions and demeanor of the guys is what makes them truly funny. Yemana, Fish, and Harris really stand out in this episode. In an aside, two elderly gentlemen of eastern European descent (apparently from one of the old "Iron Curtain" countries) are brought in for dueling out on the sidewalk with swords. One of the gentlemen is an actor and the other is a theater critic. The actor was angry at the critic's harsh review of one of his performances. Barney sits them down and explains to them how they really need each other to best do their jobs. The actor apologizes profusely to the critic, who is genuinely touched and apologizes in return. After the critic leaves the office, the actor turns to Barney with a triumphant smile and says "Now that was a performance!" TV Land ran a "Barney Miller" marathon a while back and this episode was among the ten most requested ones. Not surprising to me- this is a true classic!