Barney Miller

Season 2 Episode 10

Horse Thief

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

Prologue: Chano takes a call from the manager of the Greenwich Hotel who says that people are protesting for rooms for the bicentennal celebration. Barney calls that a worthy cause, He goes over security for the mayor's appearance later that evening at Washington Square with Harris and Yemana. Harris says local business owners are cooperating, as are the ladies of the evening. Wojo is taking the statement of a Mr. Fuzzo, a hansom cab owner, whose horse has been stolen. Barney tells Harris to go to Washington Square and give the Borough Task Force a hand with the celebration and Chano to go to the hotel with a couple of uniformed cops. He also tells Chano to call Traveler's Aid to see about rooms for the protesters. Chano says he could rent his apartment for 15 or 16 of them. Yemana says he has only one room but Chano says they are used to that in his building. Fish comes in complaining about people on the subway. Wojo introduces Barney to Fuzzo He asks Fuzzo who would take the horse and he says he doesn't know. Wojo gives Barney the description of the horse and asks if they don't say it's a horse. Barney says he should because 'they may come up with somebody.' Fish remembers how he and Bernice rode in hansom cabs when they were dating. He says they would sit and hold hands and he also says he could not help thinking as he looked at the backside of the horse, 'Is he trying to tell me something?'
Part One: Yemana takes a call from someone who had been pickpocketed. Fish calls another detective at another precinct about someone threatening to blow up the Chrysler Building. Chano brings in a man named Franklin who was staying at the Greenwich Hotel and has stitches and bruises on his face. He was apparently found in a hotel room with a woman but he insists that he was alone and he slipped and fell. He says he doesn't know why the police was called and Chano says the people next door heard furniture breaking, screaming, and a body hitting the floor. Chano tells Barney and Frabklin insists he is all right and was alone. Chano shows him the heel of a woman's shoe that was found in his room. He says that the hotel nurse, who treated him, says that it was the reason his face looks beat up. Barney asks Franklin how long he has been married and Franklin says, 'All my life.' Wojo brings in someone who was selling clothes with the American flag on them. The man doesn't understand why he was arrested and Wojo says it's against the law to have items with the American flag on them. The man even has jeans with a flag on the seat. Barney tells Wojo that the Supreme Court has ruled that it isn't illegal, Wojo says he won't release the man until he checks if he had any priors. Franklin tells Chano he works for a company that makes patriotic novelties and is in town for the bicentennial celebration. Chano gives him mugshots of other ladies. The man wants to sit down but Wojo won't let him unless he takes off the pants. Fish says if he desecrates the flag, they have to burn it, 'wherever it may be.' Chano says he's going to book Franklin despite his saying he was alone. Yemana tells Barney the commander of the police barn has lost a horse. Barney says to bring in Fuzzo. Wojo says he has a report of people throwing tea off of Pier 10 into the East River. Barney tells Fish to go to the pier. Barney says it's a fine way to celebrate the bicentennial. Fish says that when one turns 200 years old, 'I guess you get a little cranky.'
Part Two: The flag seller is in the cage and asks to sit down. Wojo says, 'You're flying the flag, you stand at attention.' Fish returns and reports that the people at the pier called themselves the 'League of Frightened Voters.' Fish said the river had an interesting smell: 'Orange pekoe and garbage.' Franklin is trying to sell patriotic silverware to Yemana, who says he never got the hang of using it. Fuzzo comes in and Barney asks where he got a new horse. He admits to 'borrowing' the horse from the police barn. Barney asks if they know about it and Fuzzo sighs and says, 'I think they do now.' He says he was going to return it in a couple of days, and he also says he really made it look better than when he found it. Chano brings in a hooker named Tracy Gifford, and she recognizes Franklin as the man she was with. Chano tells Barney she called room service from Franklin's room. She says she was selling bicentennial buttons, some of which she is wearing. She says Franklin asked to buy some and deliver them to his room. She says she asks for the money but he said 'Try and get it' so she assaulted him. Franklin still insists he was alone. Wojo is surprised that the flag seller was in the Marines like him. Wojo releases him and tells him to not sell in his area. Shriker, an officer with the Mounted Police, comes in to get his horse back. Barney explains why Fuzzo stole the horse and how he took care of it. Shriker still wants charges filed until Barney tells him to see it. Harris comes back from the mayor's celebration and complains about the conditions and the people. Barney asks if the mayor got in and out all right. Harris says that the mayor's limo ran out of gas as he was leaving and he had no money and no one wanted to give him any. Fish asks Fuzzo how much someone can make driving a hansom cab. Shriker comes back and says the horse isn't his, but the horse of another officer. He says the horse looks happier with Fuzzo than the other officer. Barney convinces him to ask the officer if Fuzzo could keep it for a couple of days. Shriker says that the other officer has his horse and he uses spurs. Fuzzo says anyone that uses spurs should be horsewhipped. Chano tells Barney that Franklin still says he was alone and the hotel says they will accept payment for damages to the room and drop the charges. Barney tells him to let both go. As Franklin leaves, Chano tells him the next time he comes to New York to stay in Philadelphia. Tracy goes to use the restroom and Wojo notices her buttons. He asks to buy three and she says the price is $180. As she leaves, he asks Barney if he knows what she's selling. Barney says he does and Wojo says it sounds expensive for something one would dispose of quickly.
Epilogue: At the end of the day, Barney asks Fish how things are going, and he says good. Fish asks Barney the same and he says he doesn't have to talk; that when two people know each other for as long as they do, they don't have to make conversation. Fish nods, pauses, then says that rain is due soon.