Barney Miller

Season 2 Episode 10

Horse Thief

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the last line of this episode, Fish says he's heard that they're due for some rain next week. The next episode features an unrelenting rain storm.

  • Quotes

    • Barney: How long have you been married, Mr. Franklin?
      Franklin: All my life.

    • Barney: Look, look, Shriker. Mr. Fuzzo here has a hansom cab. And he needed a horse.
      Shriker: Didn't he know that?

    • Barney: This is beautiful. Rioting, fistfights, vandalism—it's a lovely way to celebrate the bicentennial.
      Fish: You get to be 200 years old, I guess you get a little cranky.

    • Fish: When Bernice and I were courting, we used to ride a lot in a hansom cab.
      Wojo: I'd rather walk around the park. Uh, it's healthier.
      Barney: May be healthier, it's not safer.
      Fish: We'd sit there and hold hands and I couldn't help thinking, looking at the back end of that horse, 'Is he trying to tell me something?'

    • Barney Detective Wojciehowicz is going send out an APB on the missing animal. Do you have a description?
      Wojo: Oh, yeah: Brown eyes, brown hair, two white stockings, stands about 6' 3", and weighs about 1,200 pounds. Hey, Barn? Whadya say we don't tell 'em it's a horse?
      Barney: I think you better tell them. They may come up with somebody.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Det. Yemana's scolding of a mugging victim where he asks them, "Don't you pay attention to Karl Malden?" refers to Karl Malden's long-running series of commercials for American Express Traveler's Cheques.