Barney Miller

Season 1 Episode 8

Ms. Cop

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1975 on ABC



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    • Chano: We do a lot of heroic things around here but if we didn't fill out forms no one would know about it.

    • Yemana: (answering the telephone) Twelfth Precinct, Sergeant Yemana. Yes, sir. A stolen car? What kind of car, Mr. Ravelli? A Studebaker. Will you describe the car, please? Black fenders, silver doors, green hood, polka-dot seat covers, monkey-fur dashboard—maybe it wasn't stolen; maybe it ran away.

    • Fish: (on the phone with Bernice) Of course I still love you. What else have I got to do?

    • Wentworth: Captain Miller, this was not my collar.
      Barney: I'm aware of that.
      Wentworth: Then why do I have to type it up?
      Barney: Because, Wentworth, we make no distinction here between male and female. You're just another cop. Who happens to be a good typist.
      Wentworth: It also happens, Captain, that I fired "expert" at the Police Academy.
      Barney: Good! Then don't type them. Shoot them.

    • Yemana: (after using pencils as chopsticks) Oh, my God. I ate my eraser.

    • Fish: You left your lipstick on the sink.
      Wentworth: Oh, yeah? How'd you know it was mine?
      Fish: None of us is left-handed.

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