Barney Miller

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

The squad room is freezing despite the thermostat saying 80 degrees. The detectives complain but Wojo says he loves cold weather. A man named David Salas comes in and confesses to robbing Cotterman's liquor store the day before. Yemana calls maintenance and tells them Barney orders them to either fix the furnace or buy a new one. Chano takes Salas' statement and finds out he is afraid of the protection racket finding out about the robbery. He says that all the shop owners are paying them because of rumors of the precinct closing, saying that they are all over the street. Harris says that a larger precinct was closed the week before. Barney says that the NYPD won't close the 12th, but Yemana calls maintenance and takes back the order for the furnace. Cotterman comes in and refuses to press charges against Salas. Barney takes this as he is paying protection; he thanks Cotterman and releases Salas. He also has a cop follow Salas to see if anyone harms him and tells Chano and Harris to find out about the protection racket. Wojo gets upset and gives a speech about how he is not going to turn the city over to hoodlums and ripoff artists. He leaves and Yemana says, 'So that's the Scarlet Pimpernel.' Fish reads about how the President is going to have a speech where he will say whether or not he will bail out the city. Harris and Chano come back and report that there is a racket going around and won't complain about it; and that there are rumors about the precinct's closing. Luger comes in and tells Barney that the rumors are true; even the building is coming down. Wojo comes back in with Anthony Borelli, aka 'Tony the Emperor,' who quit the rackets years ago. Wojo tells Barney that he wants to put the protection racket in his lap. He says that hoods never really retire. Luger takes down a picture of himself with former colleagues of when he was at the 12th, crying and singing. Wojo gets nowhere with Borelli while Barney tells the others about what Luger told him. Luger leaves and tells the detective good luck, then says goodbye to the squad room. Borelli tells Wojo and Barney about how the racketeers have different names, like Dugan, Bigelow, and Feldman. Yemana comes in with the president's speech on the radio. He says there will be no bailout of the city. A call comes in and Harris answers it as 'Former 12th Precinct.' The president then says that if there is a default, the fire and police will be maintained. The detectives celebrate and Borelli asks if they found Jimmy Hoffa. Wojo says he is free to go. Later, Cotterman comes back and not only says he will press charges against Salas, but that he will sign a complaint against the protection racket. Barney has Chano and Harris pick up Salas, Wojo takes Cotterman's statement, and as Fish takes a call from Luger, Yemana calls maintenance about the furnace. Barney has him look up Dugan, Bigelow, and Feldman in their felony files.