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  • "Beverly is Busy!" - Gregory Peck ala Det. Dietrich. Just these three words had me hooked. When Beverly Fish's would-be-suitor entered the apartment and asked "Where's Gregory Peck?" I was laughing myself sick. This was a classic that never got the prop

    The character balance of this show is why I rate it so high. To me, it had the same good mix of talent that "Hogan's Heroes" had. That is with the exception of certain actors presence in the show (ie, Gregory Sierra, Steve Landesburg) you would not really know in syndication which season an episode was in. They nailed it right off the top, and the result was a hilariously funny montage of the angst that we all can probably relate to. (Unless we are living in the 7 digit income bracket, and thus hire people to feel for us.)

    I rarely got to see this during it's broadcast run, but I enjoyed it very munch on an independent channel in Seattle as it competed with the news at 11:00pm. (That's not really fair, is it?)

    A lot of people forget that it produced the spinoff of "Fish," following Abe Vigoda in his off hours. (Abe Vigoda is a treat to watch in anything.) And while it certainly wasn't close to it's parent show's success, it was much better than "Happy Days" spinoff "Joanie Loves Chachi." or an even more successful "M*A*S*H's" "After M*A*S*H."

    Hal Linden never let his title role status detract from the other actors, and thus it just felt "very comfortable" to watch.

    Please put this out for release on DVD.
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