Barney Miller

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • Barney Miller runs the detective room at the 12th precinct in New York City. It is a comedic look at the strange people police see everyday and some of the strange cops that mind them.

    Barney Miller was voted by PD’s around North America as the most realistic cop show on TV. Odd considering that it is very much primarily a hilarious comedy. But that’s just the case. Cops see a lot of nasty stuff, but that’s only the law of large numbers working. Most of their days are spent dealing with the nutbars, kooks and general mundane characters and their stories.
    This was never meant to be a CSI, Hillstreet or Miami Vice. It is simple and that’s where the show gets it’s charm and comedy.
    It’s nuts but more realistic. The show does occasionally show a serious side, dealing with divorce, shootings, murder, bank robbers and all that, but it is never gratuitous or flashy. Lots of times the problems are solved with words and laughs.
    Some very great people put their hearts into this and it shows!
    Very droll and strangely heart warming. An instant entry into any Television Hall of Fame.