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ABC (ended 1982)





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  • One of the few moments in television history that was flawless, literally.

    Recently, thee first season of "Barney Miller" was released on DVD. For those of you who enjoy all the bells and whistles, dozens of commentaries, deleted scenes and out-takes, and all the other extras... This is the first time that you'll NEVER notice their absence. The thirteen episodes of season one are, without fail, perfect. From Abe Vigoda's incredible portrayal of a man who's worked far too many years, to Hal Linden's acting of public confidence and private fear that he can't bear his responsibility, every actors work is the best you'll ever see. There is not a single moment that you will consider them merely "actors" in a role; each character is as real as any person that you have ever met.

    Amidst all of these stellar performances, I must recommend Max Gail's Wojciehowicz's hapless infatuation with a prostitute in the episode "The Courtesans". Anyone who's felt the pang of an impossible crush will feel for him.

    Whether your fan of "Star Trek", "Dead Like Me" or "Gilligan's Island", this is the series that you'll be proudest to own.

    A word of warning: DON'T loan this set out. For some reason, people can't seem to give it back. I've bought this dang set this three times now!
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