Barney Miller

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Nick is writing on the assignment board but is oblivious to the squeaking of the chalk. Everyone else is not so lucky. When Barney has more changes, Harris insists he write them on the board. A man named Stuart Sobel comes into the squad room. He tells Fish his wife has moved out and taken half of their life savings for a trip to Saturn. Harris takes a call from downstairs saying that Wojo was shot at on the street. All the detectives leave, when they come back, Wojo says that it had to come from a nearby roof. Chano reports no one saw or heard anything. Wojo takes it personally, but Barney tells him not to. Sobol says his wife has been under a doctor's care, but has been reading about metaphysics and she heard about a man talking about space. Fish says he's seen this kind of confidence game before. Harris says he's getting a new stylish bulletproof vest. Fish tells Barney about the man Mr. Sobel's wife was talking to, a Morton Hackler. Barney tells him to turn it over to the bunco squad but Fish goes to see him. Sobel talks to his wife while the detectives talk about the sniper. Luger comes in and thinks Sobel is the sniper. He then laments how they let him get away, and how Wojo got scared. He gets upset over just one bullet being shot and how he was hoping they had arrested him but he has to tell Division about the routine. Wojo gets upset thinking Luger called him a coward and leaves. Luger tells Barney he didn't mean it like that, that he's trying to make them look good at police headquarters. After he leaves, they tell Sobel that they insult each other to relieve the tension. Hackler then comes in with Fish. He claims to have visited Saturn. Sobel says he's phony. Luger then comes up saying he was shot at also. It was the same type slug as the one Wojo avoided. He says he is relieved that Luger also got shot at. Barney then interviews Hackler on his claims. Luger says they have the sniper on the run and asks to use Barney's office. Sobel's wife, Rebecca comes in, claiming he tried to put her away. Barney asks her about the money, but she says she likes him because he's gentlemanly. She tells Barney she hasn't given Hackler any money yet. Barney tells him he may be arrested for grand larceny. Sobel tells his wife he doesn't want her to go. She tells him she cant' have children, but he says he doesn't want her to go. She agrees and they leave. Hackler also leaves and tells Fish Saturn is heaven. When he asks what hell is, Hackler says, 'Philadelphia.' The detectives say they chased the sniper into the 43rd precinct. Luger tells Barney the same thing, only he is upset, saying it would not be the worst thing for a cop to die being shot. He says there's nothing worse than an old cop. Fish gets upset and leaves and Luger tells him about his old colleagues who were died of illness or living in a nursing home. He asks for a ride but Fish has the only car so he leaves. Later, a UFO is near Hackler's locale. The detectives receive a card from the Sobels, who are in Philadelphia; Fish replies, 'The devil, you say.'

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