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  • Good fix for baseball fans.

    I think this show is pretty good for the baseball fans. The theme song is really catchy and it fits well with the show. I like the basics of the show and how they have very insightful analysts breaking down each of the games and players. It is also a good source for inside information and can really be entertaining during the trade deadlines. They also do a good job with their display of game alerts and updates. I like that part as it keeps people up to date with scores and highlights. Overall, this is a decent show with pretty good information. Thank you.
  • I love this show!

    This show rocks my socks! i watch it every time i can
    i love statistics and the interesting things in baseball, and whatt do you know, this show hands them to you. my favorite session has to be touch em all. i wish they would show all home runs for the day. i also wish they showed it more often because i drop whatever im doing in order to catch this. i also wish they had more cool sessions or parts, maybe like weird plays or interesting facts because im a baseball geek nerd whatever you call it. i love baseball and baseball tonight. the in depth annalysis are my favorite
    ok payce
  • Good

    This is my favorite show
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  • Great sports show with great sports info........

    Love this show because it is very informative. Give you daily stats and keeps you informed on the latest news. The cast gives it's opinion about the baseball and when there is big news to report the debate about it. Has in dept news and gives you the info you need to know. Never lets down with the baseball news and gives analysis on all the things going around in the MLB. Great reporting and it keeps you glued to what they have to say. They debating about some of the major breaking news is awesome and never lets down. Great show that desereves a 9.0.
  • I love this show. Tells me bout what happened t

    Love this show!! Sooo informative. Tells me whass happening 2day in baseball. Im a huge baseball fanatic, pretty much a baseball encyclopedia. Love the show!! The ppl on this show are soo much beter than the ppl who do the games. I look foward to the things on this show. I like the Thats Nasty Segment. Pitchers King ppl, whiffing them with their best stuff. OOO GOOD! I also like the Touch Em All segment. Hitters bombing homeruns! Love it!! I like them a lot, especially grand slams and walk off shots!! But most of all, i love the web gems. Ma total favorite. love it lovve it love it! Soo good. Ranking the 5 best defensive plays all day. I love a great play. Especially when Met and Red Sox players are on them :)
  • keeps me on the go

    i like this show because it keeps me notified on what is happening in the basebaseball world. i am a huge fan of baseball and if i don't know what's happening, i'll be left out of the crowd. which is why when i sleep, i turn on the tv to baseball tonight. it's a great informative show that every baseball fan has to watch. even if u are a mets fan (and ewww i hate the mets, especially when they blew the playoff spot) i advise u to watch this show. that's all i really have to say, great show and watch it.
  • As far as I'm concerned, this show is informative.

    Sometimes I like to watch this show and see all the home runs hit that day, or all the web gems. I only watch the late edition for when all the west coast games are finished, even though my time zone is eastern. I like the analysis and the debates. I don't like the analysts staring into the camera and talking about some thing. Why can't they look at whoever's hosting (I think it's Karl Ravech)? It's just annoying. I mainly watch the show for highlight purposes and on-the-scene reporting from guys like Pedro Gomez, Tim Kurkjian, and Peter Gammons. I recommend you watch this show to keep you updated on the day-to-day world of baseball.
  • It keeps me updated on how the tigers division rivals do.

    It keeps me updated on how the tigers division rivals do thats assuming i don't allready know what happen. I always need to see web gems and all the home runs of the day in baseball. It's a great show. Even though it's tough to watch when my tigers lose a game. It's really painful. anyway i always enjoy peter gammons and the rest of the gang. Yes steve phillips and kruk are not the best but they are fairly entertaining. Rece davis is a decent host but basically anybody could be on the panel and as long as i see my scores and highlites im all good.
  • This show always gives me my daily dose of baseball, and everyone needs a daily dose of baseball.

    This show always gives me my daily dose of baseball, and everyone needs a daily dose of baseball. One of favorite things to watch on ESPN, almost as fun to watch as Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn. I think all the hosts on the show are great, and they know alot about baseball.
  • This is the absolutely greatest show about baseball that has ever been made. It always has the greatest news and stories about baseball.

    This is the number one place for every baseball fan. Whenever I miss a game or a big play I turn to ESPN to see if Baseball Tonight is on. They have great analysts who really know a lot about the game of baseball. Also, they are very up to date. The style of the show has improved over the years. The news and scores are brought up to the minute. I love the different sections of the show like touch 'em all, web gems. three up three down, and the newest one, that's nasty. They do a great job every day.
  • A great baseball highlight show.

    A great baseball highlight show. It gives more information than you get on any other show. The perfect thing for the true baseball fan. They have a knowledgeable cast of baseball experts giving their opinions and facts about the games and the players. The show also keeps you up to date on scores of games that are still in progress. You will also be informed of records, streaks and statistics that you may not otherwise hear about. If something is going on in baseball you will probably hear it here first. Or see it. I wish this would have been around when I was a kid straining to here scores on the radio late at night.
  • The very best in Baseball highlights and insight. Also the most entertaining.

    You can't beat guys siting around and talkin' baseball. Karl Ravach is the best host on the whole network. He calmly keeps the flow going so that even casual fans can keep up without noding off. The insight that Peter Gammons and Tim Kurikan possess is very impressive. The whole crew from Kruk, to Tino is very engaging and they all have something differant that they bring to the table. Web Gems, the segment in which the best defensive plays are rewarded, has the best name and is the most engaging thing about the show. ESPN has made only one mistake, cutting Harold Reynolds, he was the all around best person that they had on the show and now he is gone. Still very strong.
  • For all your baseball info needs.

    Baseball Tonight is a Sports Emmy Awards winning program that airs on ESPN, and is the only nightly highlight show devoted to Major League Baseball. The show, which recapitulates the day's Major League Baseball action, has been on the air since 1990.

    Baseball Tonight usually appears nightly on ESPN throughout the baseball season at 10:00 p.m. ET and 12:00 a.m. ET as part of The Trifecta (the show may air on ESPN 2 when there are conflicts with college football or the NBA). The 10:00 p.m. show has permission from Major League Baseball to show in-progress highlights. The show is also seen at 12:30 p.m. ET and 7:00 p.m. ET on Sundays leading up to Sunday Night Baseball telecast. The late-night edition on Sundays is usually just a re-air of the 7:00 show, with a SportsCenter anchor providing highlights of the Sunday Night game in place of a game preview segment that airs during the live broadcast. The nightly Trifecta show re-airs at 12:00 p.m. ET the following day (excluding Saturday, when the show is usually a full-hour in length). The show also appears live at events throughout the year, such as spring training, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the World Series sites, and occasionally has remote stunts, i.e. shows from rooftops at Fenway Park and Wrigley Field in 2005.

    Beginning with the 2005 season, Baseball Tonight has been broadcasted in high-definition on ESPN HD. Airing begins in March during Spring Training and ends after the World Series in October. The primary host of the program is SportsCenter veteran Karl Ravech. John Buccigross or Scott Reiss usually host on various days during the week.
  • not near the show without harold reynolds!

    although i am upset that espn let harold reynolds go, i am a baseball addict and do HAVE to watch this show. while john kruck & peter gammons are good, the are no harold reynolds.

    at least since you let him go bring in someone decent to replace him... no not orel hersheiser either... thats just not gonna cut it.

    PLEASE ESPN, bring HAROLD REYNOLDS BACK!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
  • A must for the baseball season.

    Baseball Tonight is basically the only show devoted entirely to baseball. So, for better or worse, it's the best way to catch up on the day's events in baseball.

    The show provides highlights from games that are generally not available outside of their respective TV markets. Most nights, Baseball Tonight manages to get to every game played on a given day.

    Web gems are great to watch, and I'd love to see more. Plenty of great plays are being made out there that aren't being shown on a national stage. Therein lies one of the deficiencies of the show: Baseball Tonight tends to focus its attention on the big market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, while giving less air time to small market clubs. We can only hear so much about A-Rod and his emotional problems of the day. Also, West Coast games are often passed over, which is in part due to the fact that the show airs when some West Coast match-ups are still playing.

    Other segments, like Touch 'Em All are entertaining, and the commentary and baseball news are generally informative. Occasional phone interviews with players are always good to hear, especially when the guy is from your favorite team.

    For the baseball fan, keeping up with this show is a must.
  • Baseball Tonight is an excellent show that gives highlights, scores, web gems, and more about what has happened in the baseball world recently.

    Everytime I tune into Baseball Tonight, I enjoy it. If there was a way to learn what has happened today in the MLB or other major baseball events, Baseball Tonight is definately the place to go. Some of my favorite parts of the show are when they explain situations, like a mock at bat, or when they run the web gems: their selections are perfect. I also love they just don't show web gems from the MLB players, but of other people, like the men on the sideline, other baseball leagues, and more. If you are a true baseball fan, Baseball Tonight is definately the show to see.
  • an informitive before baseball news show

    this baseball show gives you all the information aboutthe day in baseball. Plus exclusive features such as web gems and touch em all. this show gives you highlights and information about the best teams in baseball like the boston red sox and the st. louis cardinals and the worst teams in baseball like the kansas city royals and the tampa bay devil rays.This show officialy got me into sports shows. This show is like sports center except for baseball fans its better because its all baseball. In my ipinion this is definately espns best and most informative show on the network. Its the best thing that ever happened to espn.
  • Fantastic sports show. it happens to cover the best sport of all-time, baseball.

    this is a great baseball highlight and information show. This is the best show ever! My god how I would have loved this show when I was a kid. There was no ESPN and those of us in the Mid-West were left with a lot of \"Just starting on the West Coast\". We knew the game has been going on for over an hour. But, this was before the invention of the internet or Cable TV. It was horrible and I\'m glad thos days are over. This show has been the cause of many fights between me and my wife, because I won\'t go to bed without watching it. And why should I, why would anyone? This will alwyas be one of my favorite shows.
  • Great Job Baseball Tonight

    Baseball Tonight is on every day covering every MLB score, and news event of the day. The break down every game if its the Yankees or the Royals playing. The commenataors are the best there is, and I love their segments like Web Gems and Touch Em\' All. This show is where you want to go to get the low down on baseball news.
  • A great baseball highlight and information program.

    A great baseball highlight and information program. This is the best show ever! My god how I would have loved this program as a kid. Before there was an ESPN those of us in the midwest were left with a lot of "Just starting on the West coast". Now, we know the game has been going on for over an hour. But, this was before the invention of the internet or cable TV. It was rough let me tell you. I have given second thoughts to trips overseas because I wouldn't be able to see this show. This show has been the cause of many fights between me and my wife, because I won't go to bed without watching it. And why should I? I had to wait years just to get score. I think I deserve to see highlights to make up for it.
  • How about those Rockies?

    Why should I expect fair treatment? Helton has been passed over 2 different times when he should have won the MVP. We have a bunch of nobodies and we're winning the division. Granted...NL Worst, but Jesus your coverage of their win over the Phils tonight was about Lieber?!?!?! What do these kids have to do to get your attention. The Rox are out from under the contract mistakes of Hampton and Neagle and they're too young to know they can't they win. With a couple of vets in the bullpen and Helton doing the tutoring, these kids are playing. Oh and the Coors Field mystique? They're winning on the road and NOT at home. Listen, I grew up in St. Louis as a Cards fan and still am. I've been following the Rockies since they started 12 years ago and it's a tough deal here. You have to grow your own players. O'Dowd is finally getting his wish after flushing the mistakes made before him.

    They hit...they hit with power...they play hard defense...nobody picked them for anything but a beating this year and they're 12-10. They may fade like a oil painting left in the sun but how about a mention for merit?

    They're going to win 85 games and win the NL Worst. Maybe you'll mention them then. The Giants are old and distracted. The Dodgers are the Dodgers. The Padres have middle relief. The D-backs have no offense.
  • If it ain't the Bahstan Red Sox or the Noo Yawk Yankees....

    You might as well not watch Baseball Tonight on ESPN if you're a fan of any team besides the Bahstan Red Sox or the Noo Yawk Yankees. Those two teams are the only ones ESPN seems to care about. At least half of every Baseball Tonight is spent discussing the fortunes of Bahstan and Noo Yawk. The other games might rate 3 or 4 seconds at the most. Memo to ESPN: there are other teams out there besides Bahstan and Noo Yawk. Just because your headquarters is right smack dab in the middle of the rivalry doesn't mean everyone else lives there or even cares. I'm sure Royals and Indians fans want to hear a little bit about their teams instead of Bahstan and Noo Yawk.
  • This is a baseball highlight/interview/commentary show. It features much more in-depth information than you get on "sportscenter".

    This is the best show going for the real baseball fan. Much more in-depth coverage than "sportscenter" that has to split time with other sports. No more waiting through 30 minuets of basketball and hockey highlights that you may not be interested in anyway.

    A knowledgeable cast of baseball experts give opinions and facts about games and players. The show also keeps you up to date on scores of games that are still in progress. You will also be informed of records, streaks and statistics that you may not otherwise hear about. The cast is made up of ex-baseball players and baseball feature writers.

  • Almost Daily Recap Of All The Baseball Games During The Year. With In-Depth Highlights And All The Analysis You Could Ever Want.

    My Love For Baseball Is Filled Every Night With This Wonderful Insightful Show. I Love Baseball, And I'm Happy About MLB Finally Cleaning Up The Sport For Good. My Favorite Part Of The Show Is The Web Gems, Defense Is My Favorite Part Of The Game. Something I Don't Like About The Show, Is The Out Of The Box...They Give Away All The Scores Right Off The Bat...I Don't Like That, But I Can See Where People Might Need That.
  • America's favorite past time my ass.

    Baseball is so stupid. Just like all those other sports out there, it is lame and pathetic. Basball is about a cool as a snial race. SLow, stupid, and lame. Why was this sport even invented? It is so lame, i could just shoot it and put it out of its misery.
  • Great Show

    I watch this show every day i am a big baseball fan and they get threw highlights and more its great. I dont like it when the Mets lose then they start talking about them but i still watch it because it was my favoirte show. That deserved a 10.
  • All Baseball Games Overview, What else could you ask for?

    Lets face it people, theres no way to watch every game in the season that is unless you have like 20 tvs in one room, and who has that... Now thats where baseball tonight comes in, an review of all the big plays and scores from all the games that day.
  • I can't/won't live without Baseball Tonight!

    This is the best show ever! I have given second thoughts to trips overseas because I wouldn't be able to see this show. This show has been the cause of many fights between me and my wife, because I won't go to bed without watching it. Not only that, I tape portions of every show I get to watch. Why? I don't know. I just want to keep it for posterity. I keep hoping that one of my children will grow up to love baseball as much as I do and that they will be so grateful for me for recording first hand accounts of history.

    Thank you ESPN!
  • All baseball fans love this show.

    Baseball Tonight is an outstanding show. I love hearing all of the cast's opinions about different subjects in baseball. They also update viewers right away of any major plays that happen live while on the air. They also include many great segments like "Web-Gems". This is when they show some of the best plays of the day. Another one is "Touch-em-All" which shows all of the homeruns of the day. This show is a must for all baseball fans.
  • this is a show that basically takes all of the best baseball plays of the day, and makes a great show out of them, also showing stats along the way.

    I really enjoy watching this show mainly because I love baseball. But out of all of the baseball shows this one is by far the best. It takes all of the best and most interesting things in every game (usually about 3-6 in a game) and makes a show out of it. I love watching baseball players especially the best plays of the day! I have to say if you love baseball you will love this show!
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