Season 1 Episode 18

A Dawn Without Light

Aired Unknown May 04, 2007 on IFC

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  • Thanks other review for totally spoiling the episode -__-

    Well the only other review posted here just spoiled what happened in this episode. Nonetheless it doesn't really change what happened; a nice battle fought between Hyouma and Koshiro, and even if that other review didn't spoil what happened, you could tell from a mile away Hyouma was going to die just because of the way the nature of these fights are set up. It's unfortunate too, you would have liked to see him go down more gloriously since he's one of the strongest guys in this whole anime. The flashback with him and Gennosuke really provides depth into eastern civilization and their whole code of conduct, but I think it would have been better if it didn't happen after Hyouma's death. The whole placement of things just seemed off.
  • I was so sad to see Hyouma die.

    In the beginning of the episode Koshirou catches up to Gennosuke,Hyoma,and Kagerou. Koshirou is looking for Gennosuke most likely because he is the reason for the lost of his eyes. He attacks Kagerou but Gennosuke moves her before it hit her thats when they all run behind a rock and Hyoma tells Kagerou to take Gennosuke. Now Hyoma has to fight him alone. In there fight you can see flashbacks about how he trained Gennosuke and how they first met and also there connection with each other which is not only teacher and student but uncle and nephew. Well in the fight he uses his eyes but they dont seem to work that effectively since Koshirou has lost his eyes. So Koshirou uses his whirl wind attack blowing Hyomas face off. I cried cuz I really liked this character but it seems that he is not dead cuz he didnt fall to the ground but most likely he did.