Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Oct 06, 2006 on IFC

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  • The stars decreed it is not to be...

    Pilot episodes are important because they're like a preview of what the rest of the show has to offer. Some people may be so unimpressed with the first episode they might not even give the series a second chance! Despite that, animes are often notorious for slow starts. Not Basilisk, it opened up flooring the foot on the pedal, and never stopped there. It was so fast paced sprinkled with beautiful action, yet despite its pace, the story was easy to follow. We're thrusted into a typical Japanese warring states period setting; two clans are in a long war, and each is represented by the next potential Shogun; whoever wins between the two clans will determine the shogun.

    The main story is established, the second half of the episode doesn't waste time to throw in some history. Two members of the clan are stuck in a Romeo and Juliet type of situation; lovers of opposing clans. Although the pacing was just too fast for us to stop and appreciate the romance and tragedy involved, the concept of it all was dramatic enough. We see first hand how these two lovers are forcibly separated, and then by the episodes end, they end up killing each other. It's like a poem in motion. If the pilot is a preview of things to come, hopefully there's more episodes like these in the future.
  • Two feuding Ninja tribes, on the dawn of peace, are told that their fight will decide the succession of the land. Ten ninja from each tribe are chosen to fight, and are secretly added to two scrolls.

    If you like blood and Japanese folklore and myth, this anime is for you. The animation of this particular anime is very clean and well drawn. The story line for this one is very Japanese traditional, you'll see that in the first 15 minuets of this first episode. The two eldest tribe members from each tribe kill each other. These two had been lovers when they were young and had hoped that the feud between the two tribes would end in their life times. "The stars have decreed it not to be" however. So if you like a Romeo and Juliet style romance with Japanese overtones this anime is for you.