Season 1 Episode 14

Fallen Flower

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 2007 on IFC

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  • o_O wow!

    The episode started off slow with a rather dull flashback of Oboro and Gennosuke, but then it continues strong from then on afterwards and doesn't until it's finally over. Tenzen forcing himself upon Oboro was rather shocking that really kicked off the whole shock value of the episode, and then Jingoro getting all ansty and nearly killing a kid cause of it. Although a very minor part of the episode, Koshirou and his brief interaction with that kid provided some life to the Iga clan who have so far been seen as the antagonists get some good guy lovin'. The kid himself was nicely developed in his brief time, that little backflip he did sort of gave him some personality.

    Everything after that was a wild ride, one that we are accustomed to seeing so far in Basilisk. Koshirou still under the impression that Oboro was being raped, is blinded to the fact that Gyoubu is crushing Tenzen's bones with pure strength, and then of course Jingoro would be the next to go out. Though once again Tenzen's mystery revival abilities makes us more curious. Couldn't have ended it any better ay.
  • A shocking episode but excellent.

    Mature themes are often explored in this series but have to admit, I was really shocked by this episode. Tenzen – whom I've never liked – gets Oboro alone and my first thought was if he couldn't convince her to fight Gennosuke, then he would kill her. Man, was I on the wrong track! He didn't try to kill her, he tried to rape her! He announces that as their leader, she must choose a suitable husband (right now?!) and since there's only three males remaining… well, let's just skip the choosing part and just decide for her! I've never liked him so that wasn't really that shocking – what *did* shock me was that 1/ he gets her alone in a room without a door, 2/ lets Koshirou guard the 'door' and 3/ Koshirou just sits there while his princess Oboro screams her head off!! He sits there muttering to himself that he should be glad that Oboro is going to marry Tenzen – am I missing something here?! He used to be one of my favourite characters and just sitting there, blocking his ears while a woman he loves is raped has lost him serious points. By the time he actually acts, Tenzen is under attack and Oboro is spared, no thanks to Koshirou.

    One thing about this series, it takes the storyline seriously – most series hesitate to kill main characters, in Basilisk, it's the whole point! We're losing a character every couple of episodes! Some you don't care about, but there are those where the writers put in a bit more effort and you are saddened by their death. The character work is excellent and the animation quality superb.

    The entire episode is pretty action packed and it is genuinely amusing when Jingorou is terrified of sailing because of the salt water of the ocean. I also loved Koshirou carving the little wooden frog for the little boy, that was very sweet. Engrossing, dramatic and highly satisfactory.
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