Season 1 Episode 6

Longing in the Rain

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2007 on IFC

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  • Things just keep getting better!

    Shows that are absent with the good guy vs. bad guy theme are the ones that are the most interesting. Why? Cause it's not predictable; of course the good guys are going to win, it was all about how much deus ex mechanica they needed to defeat the bad guys. Here it's not that clear cut; there are good guys and bad guys in both sides. It looked liked Kouga suffered another huge blow with the capture of one of their dearest ninja, but then they pull off a huge twist in the end. And after finally seeing an Iga ninja get killed, which came almost satisfying, did they really need to show all that lovey dovey stuff? Makes his death a guilty pleasure. Well that's what makes this a pretty great anime so far.