Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2007 on IFC

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  • The end.

    Rather than go for an epic ending, Basilisk goes for emotional torment. Well, depends how attached to the characters you were. The death of Oboro and Gennosuke really was really aiming for a Romeo and Juliet ending with Gennosuke opening his eyes just in time to see Oboro kill herself, and the two of course dying in each other's arms floating down the river like their grandparents in the first episode. As tragic as seeing something like that go down, how tragic it is depends on the foundation that was built before it. How was its foundation? Not the best. It didn't spend enough time on the relationship between Oboro and Gennosuke--a couple of episodes and a crappy flashback won't do it unless it was super super bomb quality time--so personally I wasn't as emotionally moved as others.
  • The heartbreaking end of an epic tragedy.

    My reason for watching this series was simple: the tale of two lovers on opposite sides of the battlefield, forced into fighting each other.

    The series was always driven by this theme and here, it ends as it began: all hopes of averting the inevitable fail and unable to destroy each other, Oboro kills herself, dying in Gennosuke's arms before he carries her to the river and kills himself. But where Romeo & Juliet was a tragedy because of thwarted love and a misunderstanding, the deaths of the lovers in Basilisk actually creates a lasting peace.

    Done with aching beauty (the mark of the series) and so masterfully written, this episode will haunt you long after it ends.
  • Bring out the tissues.

    This episode is both beautiful and sad. The scene in where the series' lovers dreamed of getting married alongside their grandparents almost brought me to tears.
    I wished it happened at the first trimester of the series. Genno-sama and Orboro-san should've kept reasoning for their families to come together to resolve their differences in a better manner instead of war.
    But instead, fate had to be unfortunate to decide their fates. And the series becomes a feudal-era style Romeo and Juliet.
    But I'm glad the lovers are together in spirit in the end. That's why I gave the series a good 10.