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  • story wise its terrible action wise its sub par. spoilers ahead

    ok i watched this series and i have to say it was pretty much just a crappy ninja version of romeo and juliet. with alot and i do mean alot of innapropriate sex scenes. seriously could the writer have been anymore sexist towards women? their only power is to kill the enemy while being raped. fail.

    the art style and some of the fights were really the only enjoyable parts of this anime. having watched both the dub and sub i can honestly say their about the same.

    the butterflies were very nicely animated and pretty to look at but sadly had no abilities or creativity used for them. at least bleach knows how to properly use a butterfly. all the female characters suck due to poor writing. why were they even allowed to be ninja if your going to treat them like they have no say in anything. what is this the 1400s?
    most of the male cast were either ugly, rapists, or ugly rapists. the only nice ones with neat attacks die a couple eps in. poor fatty mudwall blackhole and hair guys they were the only ones with actual abilities. the rest of them could only spit at you or look at you with their eyes to kill ya