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What's up with the show?

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    [1]Mar 5, 2011
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    I don't mean to come across as bossy, but where's the fun at? You guys have got so much opportunity right now, and when you add dead worms to your harvest it's going to spoil everything for everybody! You all know who youhave to ditch! 3 of them, Gloria, Suezy, and the other one! They make the show a bore! I know things are uncomfortable when you are trying to go for yours, but when you add dead worms to the crop, that makes it worse... Have fun and represent that sisterhood of unity... I would like to see the ladies gain what they need and want, as well as, see them with a man that makes them happy! That's the hardest part about life, getting happily married and staying happy! Don't open the door for folks that are only COACHED to make you miserable... Those bad birds flock together and they plan together! Now, how can we good sisters flock together and make things happen in our favor, with our men? Come on guys, we can do this... We have to, it's the only way out together!

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