Basketball Wives

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Apr 11, 2010 In Season


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  • OLD BAG.

    Gosh why is Tami still on the show, she is not fit to be there, she is a bully and need to get off. I have known viewers who refused to watch the show this season because, good people are being chased off

    because of her. no one is safe with her around, also Suzie she needs to take a walk. I am realy thinking of watching another show instead of basket-ball wives. Tami is a B-U-T-O.
  • Susie

    I think Susie is two faced, and she should not be trusted. She runs back and forth with whatever she hears and she just keeps mess going between the ladies, and then she just sits back and watches how they respond to her gossip. Why can't the ladies see how she really is? Also, why did the ladies put dead fish in Kenya's room. That was just mean and nasty. What kind of women are these?
  • Why elevate and condone bullying? Why continue to perpetuate the negative views of black people as uncouth animals - around the world?

    Please Please stop this portrayal of Black women. How can these women have any pride as they sit and watch bullies take other defenceless women down - merely for public TV? Can we please have some decency to showcase how the majority of black women are globally?

    Some of these women are really damaged goods and it is sad and dispiriting to find them being broadcast around the world.

    I sat down last week to watch an episode with my daughter as she had heard of the show. It was the Tahiti debacle. I have never felt so much anger towards someone I do not know - yes Tammi. This is usually the anger I feel towards condoned injustice, prejudice, racism, extremism.

    We live in London England and the next day, my daughter wrote a school piece for her class about her experience of the show and how she felt that this was bullying on a larger scale - being shown and accepted by adults - yet this is discouraged in schools. She could not understand this. After this show, I was left with bile and disgust in my mouth.

    Is this all really necessary? Do black women not get enough discredit around the world?

    Is this what your Michelle Obama is working hard towards?

    Sad, very Sad.

  • Susie

    Tammy got in Keysha face about what Susie said to her (Tammy) Susie should just learn to keep her mouth shut. Susie had the nerve to tell Keysha that she did not want to get involve thats bullshit Susie you are involve you started all the shit by opening your mouth to Tammy sometimes somethings are best left unsaid you should learn to keep your mouth shut stop repeating everything the new girls say you are a trouble maker and Tammy you are a bully I cant stand both of you you both need to be more like Shawnie and Evelyn
  • can't watch anylonger

    Dear Black Women who don't know how to Speak to one Another, Compliment one another and Support one Another. Here's a Solution. Change your Attitude, Get Some Self Confidence, Learn the Value of You, Stop Hating on Another Sister who Trying to make it, Wash out that Mouth from words like, bitch. Stop thinking that the color of your skin, texture of your Weave and the amount you paid per oz defines who you or and how you Should Act.

    I refuse to continue to watch Black Women Act a Damn fool with one another, I'm frankly Sick and Tiered of it. An for the Mixed Sistahs that feel shamed because they are stuck in the middle and don't relate to anyone! I think it's ok to Embrace you and forget if a so called "real black women" thinks your not black enough. being black is looking sour for some of us anyway.

    Dear Black Men: with show's like basketball wives I can see how the stereotypes of us keep going. and how you have no patience to look for the selfish, non-commital-loud mouth, leg's open wide, brainless, uneducated, non-motivating, useless women that are mixed and of color.

    Dear TV and VH1: thanks for helping me see that i need to keep pushing things like and and my new Commitment of

    SSS (Sistahs Supporting Sistahs)..

  • WTF??

    Tami needs a new therapist, because she has no self control. She's in her 40's with three daughter fighting with a 20's yr old. This young girl is not going to fight back and she finds pleasure in bullying her. Get over it!! everybody talks about everybody. They need to take her old crazy AZZ off the show.
  • Tami Roman Is a Bully

    What is really going on with Tami? she is rude, disrespectful, and out of control. She wants people to respect her but she can not do the same. I wish Kesha would at least try to grow a back bone and give Tami just what she is looking for. Kesha everybody is not your friend becareful who you talk around two face people comes wih white skin also.