Basketball Wives

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Apr 11, 2010 In Season


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  • Why elevate and condone bullying? Why continue to perpetuate the negative views of black people as uncouth animals - around the world?

    Please Please stop this portrayal of Black women. How can these women have any pride as they sit and watch bullies take other defenceless women down - merely for public TV? Can we please have some decency to showcase how the majority of black women are globally?

    Some of these women are really damaged goods and it is sad and dispiriting to find them being broadcast around the world.

    I sat down last week to watch an episode with my daughter as she had heard of the show. It was the Tahiti debacle. I have never felt so much anger towards someone I do not know - yes Tammi. This is usually the anger I feel towards condoned injustice, prejudice, racism, extremism.

    We live in London England and the next day, my daughter wrote a school piece for her class about her experience of the show and how she felt that this was bullying on a larger scale - being shown and accepted by adults - yet this is discouraged in schools. She could not understand this. After this show, I was left with bile and disgust in my mouth.

    Is this all really necessary? Do black women not get enough discredit around the world?

    Is this what your Michelle Obama is working hard towards?

    Sad, very Sad.