Bat Masterson

Season 2 Episode 26

Come out Fighting

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 07, 1960 on NBC



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    • Lolita: A hundred dollar bill? Is that the smallest you have?
      Bat: At the moment, fortunately, yes.

    • Malachi Brody: Masterson, you're nothing but a black-hearted highwayman.
      Bat: What can I say, I'm your guest?
      Malachi Brody: But being a black-hearted politician set on remaining judge... when do you go to El Paso?

    • Bat: I'm willing to guarantee $5,000, payable in advance, if you agree to move the fight to Headstone.
      Belinda Muldoon: That whistlestop? Well, you wouldn't take in $500 if the whole town came to see Paddy fight.
      Bat: Well, I'm not charging admission. This is a free exhibition.
      Belinda Muldoon: Well, I take back what you said about being Irish. Well if you aren't, the wee people must be living up here where your brains used to be.

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