Bat Masterson

Season 3 Episode 30

Dead Man's Claim

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM May 04, 1961 on NBC



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    • Narrator: The mining area around Monument City, Nevada, where thousands answered the siren call of "silver strike!" The new diggings and reworked tunnels were offering fortunes by the spadesful if you were lucky, sometimes only a grave if you were not. Returning to the revitalized ghost town to roll the dice with Lady Luck was Bat Masterson, the man who became a legend in his own time.

    • Bat: You're lucky you didn't have to use that hearse for transportation goin' back.

    • Vernon Ellwood: The silver vein from the main strike goes right through your property.
      Ann: I'll never count a penny of it without thinking of you.
      Bat: Thank you, Ann. That should keep you thinking of me for quite a while.
      Ann: That's a pleasant prospect, Bat.
      Bat: If you, uh, ever get tired of just thinking, why don't you look me up in Dodge City?
      Ann: Why so long?
      Bat: I'll answer that question the next time I see you.

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