Bat Masterson

Season 3 Episode 12

Death by Decree

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 22, 1960 on NBC



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    • Narrator: Shotgun Falls, Wyoming. In this part of the West, life and death had definite similarities. Both were fast, violent, and full of surprises to Bat Masterson, the man who became a legend in his own time.

    • Bank Manager: That Eddie Moon must have thought a lot of you.
      Bat: Well, he did. It was all bad.

    • Bank Manager: Corbett's a big man in Shotgun Falls. Town's mighty proud to have him as marshal.
      Bat: Oh, I can understand that. He'd be the wrong man to have against you.

    • Constance: He must have been very fond of you.
      Bat: The fact is, he despised me.
      Constance: Pardon?
      Bat: Well, you see, his poker hands were always a little inferior to mine, even though he palmed them. Last time we played, he went home in a barrel. He swore he'd get even with me if it was the last thing he did. He's a man of his word.

    • Bat: Mr. Whitney, I happen to be very sentimental about bad poker players. Eddie died, I gained a bed debt and lost a source of income.

    • Harrison Whitney: The people who read my newspaper aren't fools.
      Bat: Of course not. They're curious, intelligent, and generous. Eager to meet every new challenge. Too bad your newspaper hasn't the courage to meet them at their own level.
      Harrison Whitney: Now, hold on there, Masterson. A responsible editor is obligated to meet certain journalistic precedents.
      Bat: A courageous editor establishes the precedents. Good day, Mr. Whitney.

    • Bat: Don't pull that trigger, Marshal. You're liable to ruin my derby.

    • Bat: From now on, I'm accepting no more gifts from dead men--they're too hard to return.

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