Bat Masterson

Season 2 Episode 17

Death by the Half Dozen

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Feb 04, 1960 on NBC

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  • Bat is on a stage when it is stopped by outlaws. He is subdued and left a message as the outlaws kidnap the young woman travelling with Bat who is the Sheriff's fiance. Bat has to get her back before an outlaw is set free in exchange for her life.

    This episode features Miss Dorothy Johnson as the Fiance of the Sheriff. Although she is seen only in the first few minutes and again , toward the end of the episode, she plays the part well and passes herself off as a very credible character of the time.

    Dorothy Johnson was Miss Oregon in 1955 and 1st Runner-up in the Miss America Pageant. She had a very alluring smile and a refreshingly clean performance. While she did not make it to superstar status and did not make it "big" in TV or movies, her performance in this episode is noteworthy.