Bat Masterson

Season 1 Episode 22

Incident in Leadville

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 1959 on NBC
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Incident in Leadville
A newspaper reporter has written an article about Bat describing him as a notorious gunman. When Bat reads it he decides he need to talk to the reporter, a woman name Jo Hart.

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      • Jess Santola: You gonna be around here long, stranger?
        Bat: Long enough.
        Jess Santola: That's all I'm askin' - just long enough.

      • Bat: Do you know anything about this?
        Jennie: I had a feeling that paper might catch up with you. You don't miss much when it comes to your reputation.
        Bat: It's my stock in trade, Jennie. It's all I've got.

      • Bat: Do you know anything about me, Miss Hart?
        Jo Hart: Enough to know what you stand for: violence, Mr. Masterson - the law unto yourself.
        Bat: The law is only a word unless it's backed up by the truth.

      • Roy Evens: You keep pressing your luck, you're likely to end up on another page of this rag. The obituary column.
        Bat: We all do sooner or later. Only I aim to make it later than sooner.

      • Jo Hart: What are the facts, Mr. Masterson? Are your gun and stick just there for show or do you really use them?
        Bat: Oh, I use them all right. Just as you do your newspaper. at least I try to, in the interest of fair play.
        Jo Hart: But they're still symbols of violence. And unless there's some point where violence stops, civilization has no meaning.
        Bat: Yes, they're symbols. But I make sure before I use my gun. (holds up his cane) I use this first, just in case I've made a mistake. One is temporary, the other final. I use this to convince people just as you use your newspaper to convince people.

      • Jo Hart: Bat, you know you don't have to go on. There's a job here for you on the paper.
        Bat: I couldn't stay fixed yet, at least for a while. I've got more places to go, things to see. But don't you think for a moment I'll forget the things I learned here. Look, I've got printers ink in my blood, too. I may even begin to look at things differently from now on. Sort of like a reporter. Someday I may even have enough to write about.

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