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NBC (ended 1961)





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  • Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments.

    Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments. Bat Masterson does have its high points although I certainly wished there were more of them. It left me bored not long after I was exposed to it and that certainly is not saying something entirely positive about it. Nonetheless, it is very well packaged so a 7 rating I feel is very fair.

  • His name was Bat.

    Gene Barry played Bat Masterson in this half-hour western series from the late 50s. Bat was a lawman, scout, gambler -- you name it and Bat did it; usually with class and style. He'd rather outwit the bad guys than get in a gunfight with them. That way he'd still be looking good for the ladies. Bat liked women and most of them liked him right back.

    Bat Masterson was an actual real live person back in the Old West, but I'm sure the producers of this show took a lot of liberties with the facts. Big deal -- facts just get in the way of a good story.
  • The Cane made the show.

    Cowboys and Indians wre all over the TV and Gene made his acting a lead to the difference in using braines over braun. Good show and watched every one of the episodes
  • Ahead of its time!

    Bat Masterson was one of the greats of the early tv westerns.
    With his gold-tipped cane, derby hat, cocky banter, and eye for the ladies, Bat was perhaps the precursor to James West in the later Wild Wild West tv series. To this day, I can not get the Bat Masterson theme song entirely out of my head because it was so catchy!
  • bat masterson

    a great show they don't make many good shows anymore