Bat Masterson - Season 1

NBC (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Buffalo Kill
    Episode 37

    Bat takes on a job leading a team of buffalo hunters. To do his job well, he will have to peacefully navigate Native American territory. However, Bat runs into trouble when a young Native American man turns up dead. Bat has to clear his good name and make peace.

  • The Romany Knives
    Episode 36
    Bat saves an old gypsy from certain death as her wagon heads for a cliff. As a reward, the elderly man gives the sheriff a set of knives, a map and a mysterious hat. He then asks Masterson to solve the puzzle and enjoy his riches. Things start to get complicated after the map leads to a cave where a beautiful girl named Leda claims that Masterson is her new master.moreless
  • The Romay Knives
    The Romay Knives
    Episode 36
    After Bat rescues an old gypsy from a brutal rancher, the old man offers him many valuable gifts, including a beautiful girl.
  • The Desert Ship
    Episode 35

    Colonel Anders Dorn and his niece Elsa are convinced that the Colorado River holds the remains of a shipwrecked Spanish cruiser full of gold. Masterson doubts their story, and uncle and niece set off to find the fortune. Unfortunately, two outlaws over their conversation and secretly follow them. Bat soon organizes a search party in the desert after the Dorns fail to return home.

  • The Black Pearls
    Episode 34

    A cunning plan conducted by Bat Masterson and the local law-enforcers sees the hero arrested and jailed for card-cheating in order that he befriends train robber Polk Otis. It is then Bat's job to gain the criminal's confidence in order that he betrays the location of some stolen jewels.

  • 6/24/59
    Bat has discovered that John Watson, a bartender, posed as another man in order to sell a scandal-ridden story to a newspaper. After the discovery, Bat finds Watson dead and realizes that his own life is in danger.
  • 6/17/59

    Lynn Harrison contacts Bat and explains that she's the niece of John Surratt, a Confederate spy who supposedly plotted to kill Abraham Lincoln. Upon, further investigation, Bat discovers that Dana may have some alternative motives for visiting Texas.

  • Promised Land
    Episode 31
    Bat gets kidnapped and taken to a town called "Promised Land", a community made up of criminals. They want Bat to run their town bank because they don't trust each other with that much money under one roof.
  • The Secret Is Death
    The Secret Is Death
    Episode 30

    Bat Masterson is employed as an undercover agent to snare a gang of crooks hiding under the guise of respectable businessmen. However, government agents suspect Bat of being part of the criminal gang he has been employed to infiltrate and when his boss dies, he finds himself left with no alibi.

  • 5/20/59

    Bat heads to a rural mining town in order to collect his pay for a recently completed cattle drive. However, events take an unexpected twist for the hero after he discovers that his so-called widow has already withdrawn every last penny from his account, a grand total of $20,000.

  • Lottery of Death
    Lottery of Death
    Episode 28
    Bat wins half of a lottery ticket in a poker game which, when put with the other half, is worth a fortune. However, the man with the other half is found dead and his half of the ticket is missing.
  • A Matter of Honor
    Episode 27
    Bat is looking to build a casino in a boomtown, but as can be expected, the lawman/gambler runs into some trouble when he encounters an unskilled robber. An Austrian nobleman has been scammed by a crooked roulette table runner and he wants justice. Naturally, Bat becomes the go-to man to help him out.moreless
  • Man of Action
    Man of Action
    Episode 26
    Jess Hobart is an honest businessman who makes designer suits. Casino owner Larry Reed orders his goons to kidnap Hobart before he can organize the citizens of New Mexico to shut his place down. Unfortunately, the tailor is a friend of Bat Masterson, who coincidently comes to town to order some new suits.moreless
  • Deadline
    Episode 25
    Lorna and Bat's ride a stagecoach which is robbed mid-way to Austin. The thieves only steal the horses, leaving the valuables behind. Meanwhile, Masterson discovers that Lorna holds valuable information for the governor that will free an innocent man who faces a firing squad. Bat then purchases a horse for the girl, only to confront more trouble after the outlaws return to prevent her from leaving.moreless
  • Brunette Bombshell
    Brunette Bombshell
    Episode 24
    Against the wishes of Denver mayor, Morrison, Bat Masterson buys a gym, and the police show up the next day with an eviction notice. An angry Morrison then goes on a campaign to have the place shut down, while two town councilmen secretly plan to turn the place into a casino.moreless
  • The Tumbleweed Wagon

    A murder suspect escapes en route to trial after Bat has been employed to escort him. Learning that the suspect's girl friend was an accomplice to his flight, Bat takes her to Fort Smith where she is put on trial with the hope of luring her boy friend from his hiding place.

  • Incident in Leadville
    A newspaper reporter has written an article about Bat describing him as a notorious gunman. When Bat reads it he decides he need to talk to the reporter, a woman name Jo Hart.
  • Marked Deck
    Episode 21

    When Bat discovers that he has been cheated by the local sheriff, he decides to seek revenge for the injustice. Bat finds willing help in the form of Amelia and her brother William, two locals who have also become victims of the unsavory sheriff and his cheating ways.

  • Battle of the Pass
    Episode 20

    Bat decides to work for a competitor rather than bend to the wishes of a railroad builder's construction boss who refuses to pay an old debt.

  • River Boat
    Episode 19

    When a troupe of river pirates take over a paddle-boat, terrorizing and stealing from its passengers, little do they realize that one of their victims is Bat Masterson. Bat takes justice into his own hands, the only way he knows how, and sets about snaring the gang's insatiable leader with a cunning plan involving rare cheese.

  • Sharpshooter
    Episode 18

    Harry Varden is the Palace Saloon owner, but gets into debt at Bat's casino. Rather than pay off his debts, Harry hires his trick sharpshooter Danny Dowling to kill Bat. However, Danny's wife finds out about the plan and convinces Bat to stop her husband without killing him... and Harry hires two more men to kill Bat and Danny.

  • License to Cheat
    Episode 17
    Bat is in Mason City to set up the only honest poker game in town. Trouble starts when he refuses to join the Protective Gamblers' Association, which is controlled by the sheriff.
  • A Personal Matter
    Episode 16
    Bat is ambushed and has everything stolen from him by Bailey Harper. Bat tells Harper that he will find him and take his things back but Harper claims that Bat will never find him. Bat sets out after him and his skill at tracking is put to the test.
  • 1/21/59
    The Rafferty family has been killed and the Rafferty sisters kidnapped by Indians. Bat agrees to try to get the sisters back.
  • Election Day
    Episode 14
    Bat has been hired on as trail boss for a cattle drive. They arrive in the town of Protection, Kansas and are told they must pay a special cattle toll before they can pass through. Bat refuses to pay and trouble follows.
  • 1/7/59
    The sheriff of Trinidad used Bat's name in order to get the job. When Bat hears about, it he goes to investigate.
  • Trail Pirate
    Episode 12
    Wagon train after wagon train has been destroyed and scavenged by trail pirates. Bat's friend, Salome, asks for help but before Bat arrives his friend is killed. Bat decides to find out what happened and get revenge for his friend.
  • 12/24/58

    Bat Masterson is given the job of guarding the safety of General Sherman in Dodge City upon his arrival to promote the President's re-election bid. Trouble is brewing in the form of no-good Texan cowboys who are suspected of wanting to assassinate the General and ruin the President's bid.

  • Cheyenne Club
    Episode 10

    John Conant sends for Bat to check up on his daughter's fiancé, Steven Haley. John has received reports that Steven has been cheating while playing poker at the Cheyenne Club.

  • 12/3/58
    Three people have each inherited one-third of a map of from their uncle's estate. None of them trust the others so they hire Bat to guide them to the treasure and give the pieces of the map to him.
  • Dude's Folly
    Episode 8
    Bat helps a brother and sister who have inherited a hardware store from their father. Joe Quince wants the store and if the two siblings won't sell it to him, he says he will run them out of town and take it.
  • 11/19/58
    After Ben Thompson is wounded saving Bat's life in a gunfight, he asks Bat for help in getting his younger brother Billy out of jail.
  • Bear Bait
    Episode 6
    Bat is hired to guide a hunting party, but some of the people on the trip are wanted for murder and robbery back east.
  • The Fighter (A.K.A. - Table Stakes)
    Bat arrives in Silverton, Colorado and gets involved with a crooked fight promoter. He saves the day for a young bareknuckle fighter.
  • 10/29/58
    An old girlfriend of Bat's is planning to get married but the man she is in love with as been accused of shooting a man in the back. She sends for Bat to help.
  • 10/22/58
    Bat won some cattle in a poker game and attempts to drive them, along with some other ranchers in the area, into the stockyards. Along the way they run into Raoul Cummings, who tries to prevent them from reaching Cheyenne.
  • 10/15/58
    Bat is told to leave Swan Valley by Sgt. Foley, but Bat has become interested in Molly Doyle. Hot tempered Sgt. Foley claims she is his girl and is determined to get rid of Bat.
  • Double Showdown
    Episode 1
    In order to help out an old friend, Bat plays poker against a rival saloon owner. Winner take all!