Bat Masterson - Season 3

NBC (ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • 6/1/61
    Kate Gannon, who runs the stagecoach line, sends for Bat Masterson to help her. Someone has been killing all of the stagecoach drivers, including her father.
  • The Fatal Garment
    Episode 33
    Bat is hired as a bodyguard in an El Paso, TX casino, but a robbery that Bat can't prevent ultimately costs Wyatt Earp $13,000. Bat needs to work with the legendary lawman in order to solve the case, and he learns to work with the sheriff in order to get to the bottom of things.moreless
  • Farmer with a Badge
    Episode 32

    A couple of outlaws ambush Bat in the desert and leave him to die. Completely abandoned and without resources to survive, a young newly-appointed marshal, farmer Sam Phelps, rescues Bat from certain death. When Sam realizes that he's in over his head, the gambler resolves to help the young man become a better peacekeeper.

  • The Marble Slab
    Episode 31

    Bat Masterson is hired by the Pinkerton Detective Agency in order to entrap a villainous gang arrested for terrorizing a local, peaceful community. Going undercover, our hero takes the guise of a marble salesman and convinces the criminals' leader a statue is to be erected in the town to honor him.

  • Dead Man's Claim
    Episode 30
    Monument City used to be a ghost town, but miners have found a new silver strike there. Bat decides to return to his old claim to try his luck and make his fortune. When he finds two trigger happy squatters on his claim, he gets more than he bargained for.
  • The Fourth Man
    Episode 29

    Red Mitchell is shot and killed in a saloon while playing poker with a crooked rancher, Ace Williams. His friend Bat investigates the crime but Sheriff Zeke Armitage, an old acquaintance that Ace is paying off, orders Bat to drop it. Zeke's caught in the middle when Ace orders him to dispose of Bat legally and threatens Zeke's wife Cally.

  • Dagger Dance (aka - Valley of Death)

    The ambitious Major Whitsett plans to run for office in Colorado Territory, but his superior, Colonel Downey, knows he isn't qualified. Whitsett sets Downey up to be killed in an Indian ambush but Bat comes across the scheme and sets out to bring Whitsett down.

  • Meeting at Mimbres
    Meeting at Mimbres
    Episode 27

    The Army hires Bat to look into the abduction of Shoshone women by the Arapaho. When Bat arrives in Mimbres, he discovers that the one witness that could confirm the local Crail gang are responsible is dead, so he recruits a local doctor to help him convince the Crails that the witness is alive and can implicate them.

  • Ledger of Guilt
    Episode 26

    Bat interrupts his poker game to come to the aid of a beautiful woman on the run from three outlaws. In the subsequent shootout, Bat's friend Elmer is killed and the woman disappears... and then shows up later at Bat's hotel room.

  • 3/30/61
    Bat manages to save a trio of men from the gallows courtesy of a pardon signed by the Governor of New Mexico and the President of the United States. The pardon also excuses those who participated in the Lincoln County War from any criminal wrongdoing. The men, however, return to their criminal pasts all too quickly, and Bat has to try and round them up.moreless
  • 3/23/61

    When an outlaw, Charley Boy, takes a stagecoach passenger's Medal of Honor that belonged to her dead husband, Bat rides out after Charley Boy, who takes refuge in a convent after convincing the mother superior that Bat killed his father.

  • Episode in Eden
    Episode 23

    While traveling across the desert, Bat stops in the town of Eden. A local thug is put on trial for murder because his boss plans to make sure he's found innocent and can't be found guilty by the territorial court. Bat ends up chosen as the prosecutor and decides to make a sure a fair trial occurs.

  • 3/9/61

    When Bat enters a lottery, Lady Luck certainly seems to be on his side. He manages to score a mining claim that could change his fortune. However, when Bat sets out to find gold on his new mining claim, he discovers that he has an ominous new enemy.

  • Run for Your Money
    Episode 21

    Saloonkeeper Crimp Ward challenges a Denver bank owned by Bat to back up its gold certificates... while making sure that no gold deliveries can make it through.

  • 2/23/61

    Cattle rancher Orin Ditts wires Bat for help driving his cattle to Abilene. But when Bat arrives to get the cattle, he discovers that Orin is accused of burning down the land... and the local ranchers figure Bat is Orin's hired killer.

  • 2/16/61
    Bat's courage is put to the test when a calvary escorting a necessary load of gunpowder through hostile Indian territory is wiped out. The only men available to continue the escort seem unreliable, and so, Bat steps away from the Cheyenne poker game he was going to attend. Bat's old friend Billy Willow asks Bat to escort the wagon train with the gunpowder.moreless
  • 2/2/61
    Marshall Ben Holt, an old friend of Bat's, presses him into service when he tries to defuse a scheme put into action by a power-grabbing land baron looking to cause trouble. Loyalties become divided, however, when Bat realizes that perhaps his old friend isn't necessarily on the side of law and order.moreless
  • End of the Line
    Episode 17

    Bat has landed a lucrative contract to supervise the construction of the rail line through the mountains. Only after an Indian raid, storms, the loss of much needed equipment to a road collapse, and his arrest for murder, it looks like the project is doomed.

  • 1/19/61
    Bat visits Paradise, Colorado to collect a $6,000 gambling debt from a casino operator who has filled the town with hired hands that are quick on the draw. Bat's only solution is to take the place of the former tax assessor.
  • The Court Martial of Major Mars

    Three men who bear Major Liam Mars a grudge capture him at a stagecoach way station and accuse him of killing Indian non-combatants at Crazy Creek. They hold a private court-martial to find Mars guilty, and Bat is forced to defend Mars and save the major's life... and his own.

  • Tempest at Tioga Pass
    It's Bat Masterson, diplomat, at work when the Governor of California contacts him for help. There's an old miner who refuses to sell his land to allow a road to be built through a mountain pass and Bat has to determine how to best work with the miner - or with the governor - so that everyone wins.moreless
  • 12/29/60

    Easterner George Winston arrives from New York to play a high-stakes game at Bat's casino. He ends up breaking the bank, driving Winston out of business. However, Bat soon realizes that something is up when Winston's bodyguard, Bert Comers, calls all the shots and takes all the money from Winston. Bat follows them and discovers that Bert set up the whole thing... and had an inside man.

  • Death by Decree
    Episode 12

    Eddie Moon passes away, and Bat finds out that his old gambling buddy Eddje has left him a casino at the reading of his will. He soon learns that his friend owed thousands of dollars on the casino's mortgage and an unforgiving marshal who owned the mortgage arranged for Eddie's death so he could sell out to the railroad coming through.

  • A Time to Die
    Episode 11
    Mr. Smith does not want his son to go to prison, and he'll do anything to keep the case from going to trial. The persistent father starts to threaten all the witness that saw his son murder an outlaw in cold blood. Things get complicated after Bat's name becomes next on the list to intimidate.moreless
  • Last Stop to Austin
    Episode 10

    Kid Jimmy Fresh, an unrepentant outlaw raised by Indians, is on the run for numerous crimes. He runs into Bat, who believes that he's the son of a dead Army hero who fought off an Indian attack for three days. Bat takes him to Austin to get a pardon and ends up becoming Jimmy's parole officer. Along the way, Bat suspects that Jimmy may be playing him for a fool.

  • 11/24/60

    Doolin and his thugs rob a bank, and Angie Pierce sees them do it. Angie calls in Bat for help, and he soon is forced to escape town with Angie and her son.

  • Dakota Showdown
    Episode 8

    Jocko and Jeb Dakota arrive in town, and they aren't respecting the city's ordinances. An angry Sheriff Danny confronts the two outlaws, and Bat finds him dead the next morning. No one saw the killing, but the curious Masterson digs deeper, which pleases the town council who offer Bat a job as a lawman.

  • High Card Loses
    Episode 7

    Bat takes on an unusual chore to satisfy a backer. Mildred, Anna, and Eileen are three beautiful brides. The problem is, they are mail-order brides, and all three need help getting to their new husbands. It is up to Bat to deliver them safely when the backer is shot down.

  • 11/3/60
    Shad, Bat's partner, has been stealing money from their casino to gamble in another town. Barmaid Ellie discovers the larceny and reports it to Masterson, who immediately dissolves the partnership. Afterwards, a resentful Shad makes plans get his casino back by hiring a hitman to get rid of his former partner.moreless
  • The Hunter
    Episode 5

    An Englishman theorizes that when it comes to the draw, a gunslinger's best weapon is accuracy over speed or type of weapon or bullets used and puts it to the test by killing a local bad guy with a self-built pistol. Next, he decides to take the ultimate challenge against Bat Masterson, the greatest gunslinger in the West.

  • 10/20/60

    Bat owns a 15% share in a Colorado mine, and is checking it out when a mine explosion in an unsafe shaft kills a man. The general manager, Augustus Ulbrecht, isn't interested in his opinion so Bat tries to buy up enough shares to oust him... starting with Ann Eaton, the daughter of the mine's owner. Unfortunately, Bat doesn't know that Ann is in on it with Augustus up to her pretty neck, and they set up Bat to die in a mine explosion.

  • Bat Trap
    Episode 3

    Bat accepts an offer to manage a shooting contest for Midas Creek. Council members warn Bat that there might be trouble waiting in the wings. Sure enough, the conniving Rance is infuriated when he cannot win by cheating. Bat will have to duel with the bully to restore peace to the town.

  • Law of the Land
    Episode 2
    Mr. Cogswell claims eminent domain for his railroad company on land owned by farmers. It seems that someone has stolen the fences that mark the landowners' territory. Judge Howard Petrie takes the case and asks the local farmers to prove their claim on the land. Bat must find the culprit before Judge Petrie rules in Cogswell's favor.moreless
  • Debt of Honor
    Episode 1

    Cactus Charlie finds gold buried at a nearby mine and heads to town to pay what he owes to Bat Masterson. After a night of gambling and showing off, Charlie disappears, and Eli Hall and his brother Gordon were the last ones seen with the old man. Bat soon discovers that the gold dust was stolen from a shipment and Charlie stumbled upon it, and must rescue his friend from the robbers.