Bat Masterson

Season 1 Episode 4

Stampede at Tent City

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 1958 on NBC

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  • Bat wants to help an old girlfriend by saving her guy (James Best-yes Dukes of Hazzard sherriff) from a hanging. Forget all that The girl Joan Marshall was hot even in black & white

    Well, it turns out Best was a murderer, Bat should have let them hang the bastard. Bat ( Gene Barry) is going to take him back for a trial because while escaping, Best intentionally trampled the leader of the hanging party (James Conrad who played a private investigator in a tv show in the 70's -- and don't think Bat didn't get the girl somewhere along the way although the story has her taking off to another town I ended up here on a search for the girl (Joan Marshall) who apparently did alot of guest spots back in the 60's and was the story behind the Movie Shampoo.