Bat Masterson

Season 2 Episode 11

The Canvas and the Cane

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 1959 on NBC



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    • Bat: Ten thousand dollars for a...
      Teresa: For a genuine Verano painting, Bat. I let these snobs outbid me. I''ll never live it down.
      Bat: If that's a Verano, I'm... Leonardo da Vinci.
      Teresa: You've said that four times, Leonardo.
      Bat: You haven't been listening, dear.
      Teresa: You haven't even taken a good look at the canvas.
      Bat: I've looked at Thackery--that's enough for me.

    • Bat: I just remembered something, ma'am. We have a dinner engagement.
      Teresa: It's not even lunchtime yet.
      Bat: Good. Then we'll get an early start.

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