Bat Masterson

Season 1 Episode 29

The Death of Bat Masterson

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM May 20, 1959 on NBC
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The Death of Bat Masterson

Bat heads to a rural mining town in order to collect his pay for a recently completed cattle drive. However, events take an unexpected twist for the hero after he discovers that his so-called widow has already withdrawn every last penny from his account, a grand total of $20,000.


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    Claude Akins

    Claude Akins

    Jack Fontana

    Guest Star

    Willard Waterman

    Willard Waterman

    Bank Manager

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    Cliff Edwards

    Cliff Edwards

    A.J. Mulcaney

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      • Narrator: Bonanza, Colorado - 1882. Like many other mining towns, Bonanza enjoyed a moment of glory that was all too brief. In just a few, short months, its roaring silver boom faded to a melancholy whisper. Bonanza became a town of dying dreams, haunted by the ghosts of its recent past. And the most active ghost of them all carried a gold-headed cane: Bat Masterson, the man who became a legend in his own time.

      • Bank Manager: The money and the accumulated interest was, er, awarded by the court to Mrs. Masterson.
        Bat: How's that? Mrs. Masterson?
        Bank Manager: The Masterson widow, sir.
        Bat: No, wait a minute. For a man to have a widow, he must be married and dead - in that order.

      • Bank Manager: Now, now this takes clear thinking. This can't be settled in anger, you know.
        Bat: I'm not angry; I'm just hurt. Nobody had the decency to invite me to my own funeral.

      • Bat: You're going to tell me that Bat Masterson's dead. I don't mind dying, your honor, but I'd hate to die broke.

      • Jack Fontana: Masterson is dead. The man who shows up here will be a stranger--a trespasser. We've got every right to gun him down.
        Nellie: If he lets you.
        Jack Fontana: He'll let me. He won't be looking when it happens.

      • Bat: I never realized I had such excellent taste in wives. Too bad I died so young.
        Nellie: What do you want?
        Bat: Forgive me for being mercenary, ma'am. Twenty thousand dollars and the man who murdered me.

      • Nellie: He's more than a murderer, he's a madman. He killed some poor saddle tramp to put in your grave. He killed Judge Hodie, too. Well he's going to kill me next, unless I get away from here.
        Bat: No, I wouldn't dream of letting him kill my own widow. Not as long as I'm alive.

      • Mulcaney: Mr. Masterson, I changed the marker on that grave. What'll I do with this one?
        Bat: Well, I'd just get rid of it, Mulcaney. I'm not going to be using it for a while.

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