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  • Dumb Finale

    Really liked the show until the finale. I expected the show to be tied in at the end to the movie. To decide to end it by killing Norman because the writers wanted to end the show as some tragic love story is ridiculous. Ruined the series for me. If I had known that in advance, I wouldn't have wasted the time watching the show.
  • Absolutely brilliant

    My joint favourite show of all time. All the characters are strong, as much as Norman and Norma annoy me they still play their parts well. Dillon, Romero and Caleb are very impressive really carry the show. It is cleverly written with some weird, funny, clever, surprising and well done moments. The entire season is great not a bad word to say about it. Everyone should watch
  • Hate/Love this series

    I hate Norman's character and I find Norma's character annoying. They both piss me off with the things they do and the way they behave. However, as much as I'm not very fond of them they've made the series a perfect one. I'm pretty sure I was meant to not be fond of their characters. Each episode always kept me wanting to know what's next and i found it hard to take breaks from the show. Very well written. Also, congrats on stirring up the mixed feelings i had towards this show. At one moment Im pissed as hell and wanna stop watching but at the same time I just wanna see what's next. There's never a point in this series when i could say I was bored. PS. I shipped Norma and Mr. Romero from very early and was happy when they got married :)
  • One of the best shows ever since the Lost!!

    The show is simply put, perfect! Not only because it has this solid foundation of a great story based on a novel but also because the cast, the acting, directing, the town, costumes and the music (hell yeah) pretty much everything about the show is near perfect. A totally irreplaceable show. I cannot believe show rating is 8.7 though. Should've been at least 9.1. Which tells me I should never judge a show's quality by rating. Though I used to.
  • Oh yea.

    L O V E this show. It sticks pretty close to what the movie established. Then digs into it. This show is GREAT. Love the kick ass sheriff.
  • oh man!

    This show is the bomb!! I am loving it! each time, leaves me wanting more! I am tired of the teasing as far as Norma and Romero and Dylan and Emma!! there soooo close to being more than "friends"and super cute! I like Norma! shes one of my favorite characters and I hate Norman but I suppose the show wouldn't be much fun with out him.
  • The real psycho

    I believe this show has the potential to last years, however, when the show comes to an end; being the psycho fan I am, It would be awesome to show Romero and Norma as lovers: Basically, Norman and Norma lose Emma from her illness, Dylan loses his life through the business, and Norman turns to Norma for what he needs, However, as much as she loves him, Romero has become the shoulder she needs in that moment, and like in the original psycho movies; she and her "lover" are killed by her Norman and it will show him opening the motel as .......
  • the N-square factor of the Bates' equation...

    The chemistry between Farmiga and Highmore is unbelievable! Farmiga is the ideal Norma to the Norman we met in Simply memorable performances on a strong script!


    One of the few shows that without hesitation and beyond the shadow of a doubt can call itself a prequel!

    A show that, episode by episode, builds a realistic story to a unique end, the creation of Norman Bates - as main character in Bloch's novel Farmiga and Highmore with stellar performances elevate the story on every sarcastic comment they make, every fake smile they share and every desperate measure they take to protect each other.

    It's an extraordinary show that tears down our impression that Norman Bates was always a psychopath and gives a convincing answer on why he was never properly socialized, on how he developed an abnormal relationship with his mother and how he eventually developed the Oedipus complex.

    It's a great psychological thriller!
  • Great show

    When is it coming back on, I love this show and its the only show that I followed faithfully week after week
  • Awful!

    Bates Motel is dry, slow and boring. The storyline is cheesy and very predictable ... so predictable that my family keeps saying, I'd Swear You Saw This Before! The only reason I keep watching it is because I'm a captive audience. There isn't anything else on TV that the household is interested in watching and so other household members started watching this by default (per se); since we don't have a family room, I 'have' to watch this show while others watch it but they think it's corny, too. I must admit that I am the one who is most bothered by the cheesiness of this show; the others think it's cheesy but it doesn't irritate them, like it does me. I'm surprised that Vera Farmiga would associate herself with such a series because her skills are above this ... perhaps Ms. Farmiga decided to participate so she could lend some advice to the writers, producers, etc. (LOL). The actors / actresses are of various skill-levels but I will make no discriminatory remarks because they all have to start somewhere and as with any trade, most people tend to get better over time. I just hope this holds true for the writers!
  • They've got it going!

    Knowing how many movies, remakes, shows have been made out of Robert Bloch's novel, at first I was quite sceptic - I mean, how much more can they get out of that book without making it look generic and tedious ? It turns out - a lot. Although the events in this TV show have never been described in Bloch's book, the writers on this show did make them seem quite authentic. Bates Motel rocks it for one more reason - Vera Farmiga. I am so glad she left FX's AHS to do this one. As for the kid - Freddie Highmore - he has been the right amount of creepy and good. Awesome show! Please, A&E, don't ruin it!

    Every Tuesday I say that, that is until the season finale of this AWESOME SHOW. THE ACTING THE DRAMA, AND NORMA!!!!!!!
  • Captures the viewers

    Its different, and we love it. Every episode just keeps us guessing. My hubby and i have got really intrigued with the show and cant wait until the next episode comes out. The main characters, norma, norman the sheriff etc are fantastic in capture their roles which i believe captures the viewers. Well done to you all and please keep them coming.
  • Awesome!!!!

    When I first heard about this show I passed on it. I thought a series dedicated to the early life of Norman Bates and his weird relationship with his Mother would be dull. I was completely wrong. I binge watched the first season and was hooked pretty quickly. Vera Farmiga is brilliant in this role! She deserves an Emmy award! The dynamic between the damaged Norma Bates and Norman is so intriguing and their emotionally abusive relationship is fascinating. Now that the Breaking Bad freight train is over, I hope this show starts getting more recognition!
  • Great show

    This show is brilliant, love the writing and all the actors are doing an amazing job.

    At the end of every episodes I'm absolutely creeped out and I come back for more.

    The only shame is that the first season has just 10 episodes, I'm starting number eight right now.

  • Brilliant

    Loving it so far!!! Can't wait for the next episode.
  • hooked on that '' bait ''

    a really really good show , can't wait for the second season .
  • On tv in the UK?

    This program, looks like it has a lot of potential, but will it shown on tv in the UK?
  • Fantastic

    This show is fantastic. No complaints at all.
  • High Quality a Fatal Flaw?

    When I saw the promo for 'Bates Motel' I was immediately intrigued but knew I wouldn't have time to watch it as it aired. I found some free time and just finished watching season 1 and have found a new phenomena in television, high quality taking away from the overall appeal.

    A few episodes in, I knew this show was doing a very good job at telling the Bates story, yet I found myself much less engaged than I would have expected. A few more episodes in, and it was more of the same. It wasn't until the 8th episode that I was able to put my finger on the problem.

    Vera Farmiga as Norma and Freddie Highmore as Norman are nothing short of spectacular in their portrayal. Two high quality performances in one show is usually as much as one could ask for, but Nicola Peltz and Oliva Cooke as Bradley and Emma also do an exceptional job at conveying little intricacies in their character.

    Emma is a little more cliche as the dorky unpopular girl with a crush but the subtleties from Olivia Cooke blur the lines between the annoying girl, the underdog you want to get the boy and the innocent girl you want to run for her life. Similarly, popular girl Bradly traditionally would have nothing to do with the weird new kid, but like Emma said, "She beautiful, popular and she's nice so you can't even hate her". This single quote I think sums up my issue with 'Bates Motel'.

    Norman is a sociopath, a bright and honest kid, a victim and a predator and Freddie Highmore is SO good at turning on a dime as well as slowly fading from one to the other to the point where you're not quite sure when the transition happened. The exact same is true of Norma. She's a control freak, a survivor, a loving protector and equally abusive mother.

    The problem, I don't know what to feel about these characters. Everybody's a victim, everybody's a hero and everybody's a villain. And unlike other shows where the anti hero has somebody worse to put them in perspective, that's not the case here. One second you think that Norman is the victim just trying to do right while living under the thumb of a crazy mother and the next is a mother just trying to survive and protect a son who clearly has some very serious issues.

    I never thought I ever would have said this, but the acting and writing in this show is so good that, for me, it's taken away from the greater effect.
  • Surprisingly good!

    The show is quite good after hearing that a TV show is being made based on the movie & book I was suspicious at first. But it really surprised me positively, the actors are well chosen. Even Freddie Highmore with his cute looking face is perfect for the role of the psycho because you don't expect a Psycho behind such a cute face.

    Can't wait for Season 2!
  • Great show,awesome actors

    by far ,this is one of the best shows I have ever writing with great performance--can't wait really

    1000000000% recommended
  • the first season was TOOOOOO short

    i was a huge fan of Psycho and Hitchcock's movies

    from the very first episode, i expected a lot from this new show and it didn't disappoint me

    can't wait to see the next season

    loved it
  • Sorry, NOT good enough.....

    Sorry, but 10 episodes is not good enough to satisfy me for one season...

    There have been some great shows out lately, but not so great as to have me looking at the time for when a show is on. Most others I can watch sometime later, off the DVR, but I have to watch this as soon as it is available.

    I love Psycho women. I've dated my fair share. Vera Farmiga is AMAZING in her role as Norma Bates. I do not recognize her from anything in the past, but WOW!!! She is the women I usually date, but shouldn't. She puts everything into that role. Her mannerism. Her voice inflections. Her acting. She is simply amazing.

    Max Thieriot, Freddie Highmore and Nestor Carbonell are equally great in their roles. Whoever cast those four, and whoever is writing for them all deserve gold stars on their foreheads because it works so darn well.

    Fantastic show. I can't get enough. And can't wait for more.

    Seriously, I CAN'T wait. Get moving on the new episodes and double up on the count :)

    Thanks for this fantastically designed, scripted and acted show!

  • all episodes

    Love this wait 4 next year!!
  • Just started watching This show Yesterday

    I started watching this show yesterday at first i was scared because Norman Bates the Deranged Psycho serial killer but the show is pretty cool he hasn't even started killing yet and it's interesting the show is basically my favorite drama show ever will this and The Game but one step at a time the show caught me it was just so interesting about the show hopefully it comes back for another season and I really believe Norma Bates is crazier than Norman she creates scenes that make me go like This Bitch Crazy but great show I can't argue about anything so 10!
  • Wow! Norma & Carrie would be great Buddies!

    Norma reminds me of Carrie so much, they're both awesome actresses. Pop Quiz: Who am I talking about?

    I luv this show, it's especially cool that it's filmed close by. Going to see their house & motel on Sunday, wish they were still shooting, I'll have to go back again when they are, it's supposed to be creepy at night, lol.
  • Two thumbs up!!!!

    Love this show!!! Definately interesting to see how the character Norman Bates grew up and became what he is known as today!!! The cast is this series is awesome and hopefully a season 2 will happen!!
  • A++++

    It is the best series I've ever seen. Its well written! Great Cast! It has you biting your nails and bouncing your leg(s) up and I look forward to it every week, it is a must see! I hope the series goes on and on.
  • Aaahhhh.. Bates Motel !!!

    What can i say, 8 weeks ago I picked Bates Motel, just because i had nothing else to watch at that time. Probably because of the Norman (Freddie Highmore from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Norma(Vera Farmiga from The Orphan). I loved them as actors. But WoW what an amazing show it turned out to be. Best thing We get to see it every week !! No wait for weeks for new episode. I love the mood or atmosphere created in the show. Its really mysterious and i like seeing cold whether of White Pine Bay. Each character of the show is lovable. I mean Norman, Norma, Dylan specially his transformation from bad kid to Mamma 's good kid, Emma, she is cute, the way she speaks, just love it, Shelby etc. I'm so happy it has been picked up for another season. I'll be looking forward to it. I love how creepy Norman sometime is. I hate to say but I love seeing Norma when she goes really helpless. Her acting in those situations are really fine as helpless mother. A lot to say for BATES MOTEL !!
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