Bates Motel

A&E (ended 2017)





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  • Sorry, NOT good enough.....

    Sorry, but 10 episodes is not good enough to satisfy me for one season...

    There have been some great shows out lately, but not so great as to have me looking at the time for when a show is on. Most others I can watch sometime later, off the DVR, but I have to watch this as soon as it is available.

    I love Psycho women. I've dated my fair share. Vera Farmiga is AMAZING in her role as Norma Bates. I do not recognize her from anything in the past, but WOW!!! She is the women I usually date, but shouldn't. She puts everything into that role. Her mannerism. Her voice inflections. Her acting. She is simply amazing.

    Max Thieriot, Freddie Highmore and Nestor Carbonell are equally great in their roles. Whoever cast those four, and whoever is writing for them all deserve gold stars on their foreheads because it works so darn well.

    Fantastic show. I can't get enough. And can't wait for more.

    Seriously, I CAN'T wait. Get moving on the new episodes and double up on the count :)

    Thanks for this fantastically designed, scripted and acted show!