Bates Motel

Season 1 Episode 4

Trust Me

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2013 on A&E

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Apr 14, 2013
i don't buy that mom as selfish as she is would dismiss the story about the girl in he basement..i like the series,but this is too much for her to disregard..they could have put one extra scene in to make it more reasonable for her to dimiss this..just feels like lazy writng somehow..and .i think norman would go to bro even with their difficulties right away.considering .there are as many ways as stars in the universe for hm to know something awful and mom to be dismssive..but this desn't fly...she did not even pause..and she believed the hand story immediately!!! and iti was not acting..they are very fine fact freddy highmore is so good it is almost hard to see how uncomfortable his character is...that's good. his affect,gestures,everything is perfect...i hope he wili get recognition..i don't know about emmy's actually,but his peers have to see how well he is pulling this off..esp after anthony perkins made norman an internationally famous movie character. i also thought her going to the dumpster and dump was utterly stupid..i would have been watching her ..i was not expecting her arrest,but these things change so quick with cliff hangers..good thou. and norman and the bro seems like a good thing,but you never know??? i'm in!moreless
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