Season 1 Episode 11

A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

After surviving the explosion unscathed in Episode 1, that crafty Count of Conundrums, The Riddler, returns to once again overturn ceremony. Here, the ceremony is a welcoming one for the visiting King Boris, who has arrived in Gotham City to present a gift from his country, a miniature replica of The Queen of Freedom Monument. The Riddler and his new female assistant, Mousey, present The King with an exploding bouquet of flowers, which, of course, releases a hidden riddle which leads The Dynamic Duo to believe that Riddler's planning to steal the jeweled crown from The Miss Galaxy Contest. The Caped Crusader secretly replaces the crown with a paste one containing a miniature transmitter. Later that night, The Riddler makes a surprise appearance at the contest, swipes the crown, and escapes down a trapdoor. Rushing outside to The Batmobile, The Darknight Detectives spot The Riddler emerging from an open manhole; much to their dismay, he informs them he knew from the very start that the crown was a fake, throws it back to them, and disappears.
Upon closer analysis, Batman discovered that the crown contains another riddle, which leads him to believe that The Riddler plans to kidnap the visiting King Boris. Unfortunately, The Dynamic Duo is too late to prevent King Boris' capture. The Prince of Puzzlers plans to plant a time-bomb inside the king's statue, which in turn will be placed inside The Gotham City Museum of Fame housed in the base of the towering monument. Batman and Robin locate The Riddler's hideout but are immediately overpowered by The Count of Conundrums and his repugnant River Rat Gang, catching them in a net and spraying them with an adhesive spray! Then they are strapped to a giant generator shaft which will spin them into oblivion!