Season 1 Episode 11

A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 16, 1966 on ABC



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    • Mousey: Gee, I've never met royalty before! It's pretty thrilling!
      Riddler: Royalty? You've never met royalty? And just whom do you think stands before you, my cherub? I am The Prince of Puzzlers, The Count of Conundrums, The King Of Crime! I hold court here, no one else!!!

    • Robin: Gosh. There could be diplomatic repercussions if we fail this time, Batman.
      Batman: That's not the point, Robin. What's important is that the world know that all visitors to these teeming shores are safe. Be they peasant or king.
      Robin: Gee, Batman, I never thought of that. You're right.
      Batman: It's the very essence of our democracy.

    • Whiskers: You want a piece of cheese?
      King Boris: Not without a good vintage port, you lackey!

    • Riddler: To quote an old axiom: the finer the bait, the shorter the wait.

    • Narrator: Batman and Robin to die??!! Things certainly are turning the wrong way for them!! Is this really the end?? Unbelievable!! If you care for Batman and Robin, keep hoping till tomorrow night. Same Time!! Same Bat-Channel!

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