Season 2 Episode 6

Barbecued Batman?

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 22, 1966 on ABC
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After escaping Ministrel's barbeque spit, Batman and Robin rush to City Hall. The villain goes on the air to announce his new plan: he will shake Gotham City to dust unless the city pays his extortion fee.

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  • Thwarting an electronic genius

    Another so-so installment as the Caped Crusaders escape the Minstrel's devilish trap only to have the Minstrel escape them. Batman puts a tracking device in the Minstrel's girlfriend's purse after wooing her (as only Batman can do). Interesting outfit the props department had for the Minstrel. A second attempt to get his way through extortion is foiled as Batman "unmasks" the Minstrel who snuck into the room to await their decision on his plans. Kudos to the late Van Johnson for giving a very convincing performance (I loved him in the Caine Mutiny). His charm and debonair will be missed.moreless
Adam West

Adam West

Bruce N. Wayne/Batman

Burt Ward

Burt Ward

Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin The Boy Wonder

Alan Napier

Alan Napier

Alfred Pennyworth

Neil Hamilton (I)

Neil Hamilton (I)

Commissioner James W. Gordon

Stafford Repp

Stafford Repp

Chief O'Hara

Madge Blake

Madge Blake

Aunt Harriet Cooper

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    • The Ministrel: Batman and Robin, rotate and revolve. As the heat mounts, you'll lose all resolve. In a few minutes, we will be prepared. To leave you here cooking and exit this lair.

    • Robin: You're letting her go? Well, I admit she's gorgeous, Batman, but, uh, what does she have that all the other gorgeous creatures didn't?
      Batman: Well, Robin, for one thing, she has a tracking device which I just placed in her handbag.

    • The Ministrel: I am the Minstrel and a mastermind; I'm a modern genius crook. In electronics I cannot be surpassed, and that's why your building shook. To my terms you must agree or vibration, consternation, decimation throughout the nation. Accept my terms or there will be irreversible calamity. You have until nightfall to prevent a frightful downfall.

    • The Ministrel: Batman, your world will tumble down, just wait and see. Your city will disintegrate - it matters not to me. Batman's and Robin's strength will not avail; no matter what they do, they're bound to fail. They can't evade my sonic beam and they'll become a vapor trail.

    • The Ministrel: Wait 'til the jailbreak, Batman. You've not seen the last of me. I'll clobber you and Robin. Wait and see. You'll vibrate both together. I'll shake off your heads. Oh just you wait 'til the jailbreak, Batman. You'll be dead.

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