Season 2 Episode 52

Batman's Satisfaction

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1967 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Batman feeds the Alphabet spaghetti into the Batcomputer, he clearly leaves a large portion of the letters behind despite saying he has them all and the Batcomputer still manages to produce the secret message from Pinky Pinkston.

  • Quotes

    • Robin: But how did the machine take your picture?
      Green Hornet: No doubt an automatic-image orthicon of some kind.
      Batman: Wrong, Green Hornet. it was a high-felicity spectroboscopic range reflector mini-unit.

    • Batman: Robin! Have you noticed the Js, Qs, and Zs are missing?
      Robin: Holy uncanny photographic mental processes!

    • Robin: Gosh, Batman. It's sure a good thing you brought that empty alphabet soup Batcontainer.
      Batman: Right, Robin--the right tool for the right job.

    • Britt: It's guys like The Green Hornet and Batman that see all action--get all the kicks.
      Bruce: Would you trade places with them?
      Britt: Well, not with Batman. I wouldn't be caught dead in that crazy cowl of his.

    • Batman: And so because of a woman's vanity, a battle may be lost.
      Robin: Lost?!? I'm surprised at you, Batman. Many battles have been won before electricity and telephone were ever invented!
      Batman: Gosh, Robin, you may be right.
      Robin: Just arrange to have the stamp exhibition in the Constellation Room tonight, well publicized. Then there's bound to be some action. And a Bat-Climb up Gotham Towers West will help us flex our muscles. Chin up, old chum.

    • Edward G. Robinson: A bit of an art buff yourself, aren't you, Batman?
      Batman: I'm afraid that crimefighting only allows me the luxury of collecting criminals.
      Robin: But you should see the great mug shots we've got.

    • Green Hornet: We're heading for another clash with the Caped Crusaders, and I don't like it.
      Kato: Why not? We've never run away from trouble before.
      Green Hornet: Yes, but this double identity poses extra problems this time. We know they're heroic crimefighters. They think we're criminals. We must come out on top, but they mustn't suffer.
      Kato: Kung fu is kung fu. It's not child's play.
      Green Hornet: I know, but our tricks are going to have to be tempered with good judgment.

  • Notes

    • Madge Blake is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Note the odd scene in the episode, right after the Batcomputer goes out, when Robin and Batman basically switch roles. Burt Ward starts talking in a pedantic Batman- making incredible deductions, and calling Batman "old chum", while Adam West says "gee" a lot and acts dumb.

    • While filming the climactic fight, which involves Robin holding his own with Kato, played by world-class martial artist Bruce Lee. Lee initially began doing the fight sequence with Burt Ward in deadly seriousness, ominously coming after him while Burt Ward squawking "It's only a TV show." Lee finally cracked up and burst into laughter.

    • Filming the climactic fight scene between The Dynamic Duo, Green Hornet and Kato proved to be rather sticky, for the actors involved refused to allow their characters to be defeated! Finally, executive producer Bill Dozier was summoned to straighten out the whole deal, as the stunt doubles just sat there and waited. Dozier said, "Look, it's a Mexican standoff. Nobody wins. You have this big fight. At the end of it, you just stop it and stare at each other; that's the end of the fight." Thus, the scene was reconstructed to--natch!--"Batman's Satisfaction"!

    • Batman and The Green Hornet were filmed on the same Culver City lot, and shared the same network and producer.

  • Allusions

    • Edward G. Robinson talking art during the bat-cameo: Edward G. Robinson was best known for his roles as gangsters in films. However, few of his film fans knew he also was a sophisticated art collector.