Season 1 Episode 26

Batman Sets the Pace

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 07, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Dynamic Duo press their backs together for support and climbs up the wall to the opening above, as it is the only escape. The Joker and company hit the road just as The Dynamic Duo emerge from the chimney. Back in The Batcave, The Dynamic Duo analyzes the traces of gas used for the kidnap left inside the hole as the golf course and discovers that gas can be obtained only at The Ferguson Novelty and Magician's Supply Company.

Visiting the novelty company in their everyday identities as Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson, they discover that it's actually doubled for a hideout for The Joker and that The Maharajah of Nimpah is being held there. They switch back to Batman and Robin garb and pay a surprise visit to the company, where they subdue four of The Joker's lackeys but unfortunately The Harlequin of Homicidal Humor eludes them along with The Maharajah.

Later, The Joker calls Commissioner Gordon and has him put Batman on the line demanding $500,000 to ransom The Maharajah. He requests that Batman make the arrangements, be present when The Maharajah cashes the check and endorse the check in his name at The Gotham City State Bank the next morning. Morning dawns when The Maharajah arrives to collect the money, The Caped Crusader thrashes him and his men and reveals that he and The Joker were one and the same from the very start. Noticing The Nimpahnese government never protested their Maharajah's kidnapping, Batman called The Palace of Nimpah and discovered to his relief that the true Maharajah of Nimpah had actually been away on a hunting trip in the Nimpah mountains all along. Later, Bruce is contacted by Batphone by Commissioner Gordon who tells him that he is rumored to leave for California to run for governor! Bruce puts Gordon's mind at ease by dispensing such rumors.

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