Season 1 Episode 14

Batman Stands Pat

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When The Mad Hatter grabs Batman and starts choking him, Batman is on the conveyer belt before the sword blades. In the next two shots, he is after the sword blades.

  • Quotes

    • Batman: Madame Magda, the chef, the fire chief. They were all on that jury! Oh, how could I have been so stupid?!?
      Robin: All in all, Batman, you've been pretty busy.

    • Jervis: Imagine, shearing Batman like a rabbit. Or stretching him into any form I wish. Or shrinking him and sizing him. Why, I--I'll make him into a sun bonnet. Or a ten-gallon hat or a fez. A fez! Yes, a fez. I'll dye him red. I'll buy myself a camel and go riding off into the desert wearing a tribal chieftain's flowing robes. And Batman on my head.
      Dicer: He's flipped his lid.
      Jervis: What's he talking about, Cappy? My idle flights of fancy, my little daydreams? They're nothing more than that, believe me. I'm a very practical man.

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