Season 2 Episode 25

Come Back, Shame

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 30, 1966 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Shame (as Batman and Robin are tied to stakes on the ground): I bet you'uns are probably wondering what all this is fer.
      Batman: That thought did cross my mind.
      Shame: Pretty soon, I'm gonna shoot this trusty six-shooter of mine and when I do, a herd of cattle's goin' come stompin' this way in a mighty big hurry.
      Robin: Holy stampede!
      Shame: Now those cows don't stop comin' for no man. Not even you, Bat-Fella. And when they get through stompin', there ain't gonna be enough of you left to put in a thimble!
      Batman: Shame on you, Shame!
      Shame: Watch yer tongue! Hasta la vista, pardners! I'll tell everybody you died with your bad boots on (Shame laughs as he shoots his gun and leaves as the cows start stampeding driven by the shots of the guns of Shame's henchmen).
      Narrator: Have Batman and Robin at last bitten the dust?? Is this the big casino?? Are The Dynamic Duo heading for the last roundup?? If you have the intestinal fortitude to learn the answers to these questions, tune in tomorrow!! Shame Time!! Shame Channel!!

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