Season 1 Episode 31

Death in Slow Motion

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 27, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Riddler and his felonious film making cronies (Pauline, C.B., Von Bloheim and Wolf) interrupt a silent film festival of a famous silent film collector Mr. Van Jones dressed as Charlie Chaplin and The Keystone Cops and steal the box-office receipts! Batman and Robin trace Riddler via one of his Riddles to Mother Gotham's Bakery, where he not only plans to pilfer its payroll but film the whole robbery in the style of an old film comedy. The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder rush to the bakery, only to be greeted by its unconscious bookkeepers and another Riddle left by the already departed King Of Conundrums. This new Riddle leads them to The Baker Street Branch of The Gotham Library where they are hit over the head by a huge tome--which is also captured in its entirety on camera by The Riddler!
As Riddler and his comical cohorts view and enjoy the day's rushes involving their adversaries in an abandoned cutting room of a bankrupt movie studio, The Dynamic Duo speed back to The Batcave to analyze the tome; it contains yet 2 more Riddles which lead our Duo to a Temperance Party being given by Mr. Van Jones. As The Boy Wonder waits outside, The Caped Crusader enters to find that The Riddler has spiked the lemonade with Temper Tonic, causing the good nature party to turn into a hot-tempered free-for-all! Once again The Riddler's ever-present camera crew catches the action. Meanwhile, back at The Batmobile, Pauline, The Riddler's moll, disguises herself as Little Bo Peep and gasses The Boy Wonder to sleep, kidnapping him and taking him to the abandoned Gotham Lumberyard, where in a matter of minutes a giant buzz saw threatens to slice him in two!

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